OBERST – new single

OBERST – new single

foto: Magnus Nordstrand

Oberst merge addictive riffs and raw emotion on the new single “Chroma”

Oberst is finally back with the first new single since their 2020 debut “Paradise”. With their debut album Oberst showcased their captivating sound and ability to push boundaries, earning praise from industry heavyweights like Kerrang! and Metal Hammer.

The new single “Chroma,” is scheduled for release on August 23rd, and serves as a testament to Oberst’s ability to seamlessly merge addictive riffs, raw emotion, and atmospheric nuances, while incorporating mind-bending metal and hardcore elements that will leave listeners intruigied and wanting more.

Listen here: https://orcd.co/chroma

The band states:
“This song is about the danger of buying in to false promises of easier times and shortcuts. Not accepting so called salvation in exchange for reason. Making the journey without ideological crutches may be painfull, but that little bit of pain brings a lot of clarity.” 

Chroma’s release comes just a short week after the bands performance at the prestigious Summer Breeze festival in Germany earlier in August

About Oberst:
Oberst is an Oslo-based hardcore/metal act known for their captivating blend of genres. With influences ranging from hardcore, post-metal, deathcore and progressive metal to rock, their music combines atmospheric riffs, intense vocals, and raw emotion. Garnering acclaim from publications like Kerrang! and Metal Hammer,

Originally formed around the mutual interest in music rather than any particular genre, the band later found common ground in bands like Mastodon, Baroness, Converge and Cult of Luna. However, influences that are unique to each of the members has become just as defining, ranging from classic rock, and jazz to punk and metal.

Oberst continues to redefine the limits of their genre

“This band complement a strong sense of self with open-minded songwriting and the result is as inviting as it is exciting and emotive.” 8/10, Metal Hammer, UK

“This opus is a promising start for Oberst.” Kerrang!, UK

Oberst is:

Tarjei Kristoffersen – Vocals/Guitar
Dennis Estensen – Guitar
Joakim Karlsen – Bass
Johan Fredrik Bolli – Drums

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