WAX MEKANIX – new single

WAX MEKANIX – new single

The first track from Wax Mekanix’s new album, “Psychotomimetic”, from Electric Talon Records.

Celestial, mystical, sacred.  A heavenly dance.  The pillars are sparking creation.  Through chaos and chance

~Wax Mekanix~

As if a famous pop quartet placed a laced sugar cube on his frontal cortex, Wax has audaciously twisted, stretched, and turned inside out this retooled version of a familiar delicate melodic nugget.  

He passes us through a phantasmagorical wormhole constructed of snarling guitars, slamming drums, and howling vocals in a 21st century tale of an interstellar voyager lamenting escaping a withering home in search of a more bountiful world.   

A psychedelic case of cosmic buyer’s remorse… Canaan is near, Eden is here



Produced by Wax, Maxim “Lectriq” Laskavy and Machine

Wax~Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, backing vocals

Tom Altman~Electric guitar, bass

Bishop~Electric guitar

M11SON~Backing vocals

Marissa Wolner~Backing vocals

Lectriq~Backing vocals, percussion

Video by Razvan Alexandru www.absynthemoon.com

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