SUPERLYNX – new single and album details revealed

SUPERLYNX – new single and album details revealed

Band photo by Kai Simon Fredriksen

Norwegian Psychedelic Doomsters SUPERLYNX Reveal Full Album Details; “4 10” Out In September

Norway-based Psychedelic Doomsters SUPERLYNX celebrate their 10th anniversary by releasing new music, a new additional member and the return to stage. The band recently teased their new journey with the single “Into the Sun”, which is “a song suited for closing your eyes and drifting away” says the band.

The new album is entitled “4 10” and it is written and played by the original trio Pia, Ole and Daniel as usual, but since the recording the band has expanded by including additional guitarist Espen Krøll. He will join the band on stage from now on for an even fuller live sound.

“Jamming has always been important to us in addition to songwriting”. Superlynx says “This time all the music on the album was created through jamming sessions where the music that came out lead the way and turned into these songs. The entire album was recorded in the rehearsal space where we started out a decade ago, by our drummer Ole Teigen / Crowtown Recordings. The focus on 4 10 is imagination, dreams, connection and an open view. Today we further explore fuzzed out heavy psych, improvisation and the depths of dreams and surrealism”.

When Superlynx is asked about musical influences the answer is something like “the sum of all the different music we all listen to and are inspired by, be it doom, drone, psych, shoegaze, desert rock, grunge, metal, old blues, jazz, 60/70s rock”.

The members have a lot of music in common but also different influences. It is all a part of them, and something that naturally affects their own style of playing. Superlynx follows no rules except what sounds and feels right, and lets the music lead their way.

“4 10” will be released on CD, VINYL and DIGITAL formats by September 29th, 2023. Preorders are up:

Cover art by Pia Isaksen.

Into the Sun
Havier than Me
The Unknown
Nothing to Everything
Under Its Spell INFO:

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