SULPHURIC DEATH “Beyond the Void of Doom” MC/CD

Band statement: “In our endless effort to exhume bands that evokes the realm of death and doom, we are pleased to announce the EP debut from SULPHURIC DEATH, in conspiracy with Apocalyptic Prods (Chile) and Clandestine Prods (Mex)”

Sulphuric Death was formed in 2020, Santiago, Chile. Started as a duo which define their sound as obscure, archaic and insane metal of death, highly influenced by old and new death metal acts.

Their EP debut called “Beyond the Void of Doom”, exhumed from the decomposing graves of the well-known Chile metal scene, contains three tracks charged with furious riffs, high speed and cavernous passages and a hidden track.

“Beyond the Void of Doom” will be released in CD PRO limited to 500 copies by Apocalyptic Prods and Clandestine Prods late July. The tape version will be released by Burning Coffin Records, limited to 100 pieces.

Listen “Immersed into Eternal Fire” here:

Cassette Pre-order are up on bandcamp!

Sulphuric Death “Beyond the Void of Doom”

  1. Immersed into Eternal Fire
  2. Beyond the Void of Doom
  3. Glorious Abomination

If you want to getting into a slow and painful death just put this new advance louder until your skin begins to rot!

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