ACID MAGUS – new single feat. Johni Holiday of Russ Majik

ACID MAGUS – new single feat. Johni Holiday of Russ Majik

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Acid Magus, the boundary-pushing progressive doom metal group, is thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated new single, titled Dead Weight, taken from upcoming album Hope Is Heavy out 4th August 2023 via Mongrel Records. This captivating track showcases the band’s signature blend of dark, heavy riffs, intricate melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics that have garnered them a dedicated following worldwide.

Adding an extra layer of excitement to the release, Acid Magus has enlisted the extraordinary talents of Johni Holiday, the revered vocalist from Ruff Majik. Known for his commanding stage presence and distinct vocal style, Johni brings his unique flair to the table, elevating the track to new heights of sonic intensity.

Dead Weight is a masterful composition that delves deep into the realms of introspection, weaving together hypnotic rhythms, expansive guitar, and an ethereal atmosphere. The song showcases the band’s musical dexterity and their ability to seamlessly transition between crushing heaviness and haunting melodies. With Holiday’s exceptional vocal performance complementing the band’s sonic prowess, this collaboration is set to leave a lasting impact on fans of progressive doom and stoner rock alike.

” As I was demoing the main riff in Dead Weight, Johni’s voice immediately popped into my head. This song was always going to need him on it, it wasn’t something we considered later only. I’ve always been a fan of Ruff Majik and more specifically, Johni’s voice, and I’ve always wanted to produce a track with him. This was my opportunity to do so and after casually chatting about it with him at some shows we played together (he was keen to feature on one of our songs, luckily!), the Dead Weight riff finally happened, and I decided that would be the one!” Explains Acid Magus guitarist and chief songwriter Keenan Kinnear.

Working with Johni was super easy, I sent him the track and lyrics, and he recorded his vocals with Bez (Brendon Bezuidenhout). I think they maybe sat with it for an hour or two and boom, that was that. He just nailed the vocals pretty much in one shot, added some cool, super high harmonies and that was that. The digital age of music at play ladies and gentlemen. He really elevated the track with the hook, and I hope this opens up our music to some new listeners. If not, that’s also fine, because I still got to produce a song with Johni Holiday on it, and it’s one I am super proud of too.”

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With a signature blend of atmospheric psychedelia, crushing doom riffs, and ethereal melodies, Acid Magus has established themselves as pioneers in the realm of South African psychedelic doom. Drawing influences from both classic and contemporary sounds, the band seamlessly combines intricate songwriting with otherworldly soundscapes, creating an immersive experience like no other.

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