MALABARI – set to release debut EP

MALABARI – set to release debut EP

There is a storm brewing – Trondheim based MALABARI are releasing their debut EP – WELCOME TO MALABARI on April 28th

Freshly established eclectic hard rockers have already made some waves after the release of debut single “Spellbound” on March 24th. The band has already marked themselves locally in Trondheim as the 2022 TM:Live champions! TM:Live is a regional battle of the bands competition for the region Trøndelag, hosted in Trondheim, where the winner is crowned based on a panel of judges of local music personalities, as well as audience votes. Malabari won the whole competition by being the favorites of both the judges and the audience.

Now it’s time to shake things up a little: Malabari are ready to prove that rock is far from dead, that in the Malabarian way. 

The group is made up of four very divergent musical human beings, combining their views into a unique, hard hitting musical expression. With their feet planted both in the classic and modern styles of hard rock, Malabari cooks up a unique, melodic and hard hitting declaration of what the genre can be in 2023. With thunderous guitar, roaring bass, crashing drums and unbreakable vocals, Malabari proves they are a force to be reckoned with

Before the band declared their existence publicly, the band proceeded in their debut performance to win the yearly, regional contest TM:Live hosted in Trondheim, Norway during the 2022 edition of the competition as the judges and the audience favorite. With an enormous passion, inspiring stage presence and charisma, Malabari is just as good on the stage, as they are on record.

Welcome to Malabari

The debut EP “Welcome to Malabari” is not just Malabari’s first contact with the world, but it’s also a statement from a band starving to state their presence in the rock’n roll industry. Summarized with enormous guitar melodies and unbelieveable catchy choruses, Malabari proves that they can make music both heavy hitting and catchy, showing off their vast musical influences and combining them into a unique expression (FFO Metallica, HIM, Ghost etc). Are you ready to face the storm head on?

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