GRANT THE SUN – announces new album and releases new track

GRANT THE SUN – announces new album and releases new track

Grant The Sun – Norwegian Progressive Metal Announce New Album “Voyage”
Share New Track “Death Is Real”

Four years following the release of their critically lauded EP “Sylvain”, Norwegian progressive metal trio Grant The Sun, comprised of current and former members of Insense and Beaten to Death, are set to return with their first full-length album “Voyage”, due for release on June 9th via Mas-Kina Records.

The release is a 39-minute inventive and powerful musical experience, journeying through the realms of prog, metal and post-rock, masterfully weaving from pounding and fierce polymetric metal through sprawling and irreverent groove-laden riffs to beautifully captivating melodies.

Just recently, the trio revealed the leading single “Death Is Real”, check it out at this location

Having launched three Eps to date, all entirely instrumental, “Voyage” is the first ever Grant the Sun release to incorporate vocals, with guitarist Markus Lillehaug Johnsen handling all clean vocalizations while guitarist Martin Rygge (who also handles guitars in grindcore group Beaten To Death) providing the fiercer screams. It’s also the first release to be written with the bass lines in mind. Previous effort “Sylvain” was pivotal to this change, when producer Danne Bergstrand and Meshuggah guitar extraordinaire Fredrik Thordendal thought the songs lacked some bass frequencies and Thordendal steeped in to play bass on the EP.

As a result, “Voyage” is undoubtedly their greatest and most complete achievement to date, encompassing a wide breadth of moods and sonic landscapes and at the same time avoiding easy categorization.

The band reflected on direction of the new material “Every element of leads, layers, spoken words and vocals were added to enliven the voyage under water. The concept was the key element from writing to post-production.”


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