SØSTRE – self-titled album out

SØSTRE – self-titled album out

Founded in 2018, Søstre are an experimental black ’n’ roll band out of Bergen, Norway, the birth place to such acclaimed artists as Enslaved, Immortal, Borknagar, etc… With a vast experience spanning a multitude of genres, the band represents a constant dedication towards creative development and improvement. 

Offering an audio-visual assault laced with ritualistic undercurrents, their live shows are always an hectic and sweaty affair packed with energy, self-made animations and a disdain for inhibitions.

With the band’s self-titled album released on March 17th via Loyal Blood Records, Søstre is poised to further delve into their exploration of the human condition. Concepts like altered states of mind, black magic, the past and future are but a taste of this emphatic attack on the senses. While retaining progressive and punkish elements, Søstre dives head first into dark melodic grooves.

With the odd detour via psychedelic and ‘stoneresque’ landscapes, the band aims to keep the riffs coming and the momentum rolling. 


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