REDSHIFT – new music video

REDSHIFT – new music video

Progressive-metal trio Redshift announce second album ‘Laws of Entropy’ and reveal leading single ‘Entropy’

Bath-based progressive-metal three-piece Redshift are pleased to announce their second album ‘Laws Of Entropy’, due for release April 28th 2023 via Pale Wizard Records.

Formed in 2017, influenced by the likes of Dream Theater, Rush, Opeth and Between The Buried And Me, Redshift released their debut album ‘Cataclysm’ in 2019. Tackling a mighty concept album for their debut might have seemed like a brave task, but it certainly paid off, receiving rave reviews from the likes of Distorted Sound Magazine, Uber Rock, Power Play Magazine and Metal Temple. Based around honour and love and depicting the story of a devastating apocalyptic event, Cataclysm was a bold, dark and adventurous debut record that pulled no punches.

Their upcoming second album Laws of Entropy follows closely in its footsteps; a concept album exploring the journey through life from birth to death.

Recorded at Axe and Trap Studios in Wells with Ben Turner (Hey Colossus, Part Chimp) and Joshua Boniface, mixed and engineered by BenTurner and mastered by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me), Laws of Entropy is musically more extreme, more technical and more left field.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the album, the band state: “Being a young man with the world at your feet, thinking you can live the life you want and then realising it’s not as easy and giving into the struggles and pressures of life, suffering a mental breakdown, eventually asking for help and then dying. Each song is a step in this journey. The 21 minute closer deals with all these themes from start to finish.”

Ahead of the album’s release comes its leading single ‘Entropy’ and accompanying music video. In much the same vein, Entropy is a song about the absurdity and the anxiety of an existential crisis.

“We can all experience this at some point in our lives and this was an expression of the emotional journey from my personal experience. The words and feelings put into the song come from a place of uncertainty about what I was doing, where I was going, why I had made certain choices, the ones that worked out and the ones that I regret. At the time I wrote the lyrics, I was stuck in a job I didn’t like, single, and hadn’t had a sense of direction as to where I was going. At some points, I could be annoyed with myself and then laugh at myself. Sometimes, I experienced much darker thoughts with the depression I was going through. I managed to see a counselor, which did help me get a better grip on things but at the same time made me feel more peculiar and a bit mad. The end result was Entropy, (nervous breakdown, the musical),” explains lyricist Liam Fear.

Laws of Entropy is due for release April 28th and will be available on CD and all major digital platforms.




  • Liam Fear – Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
  • Joshua Boniface – Guitars
  • Jack Camp – Drums

“Redshift don’t hold back on the ambition.” – Powerplay Magazine

“Cataclysm is an album that demonstrates Redshift’s talent and ambition.” – Metal Temple

“Cataclysm is a massively impressive debut, which has helped put the “progressive” back into “prog.”” – Uber Rock

“Cataclysm is a release that is ambitious beyond what you’d expect for a debut album.” – Musipedia Of Metal

There are few bands to be as bold as this with their debut album and the instrumental proficiency is abundantly evident.” – Distorted Sound Magazine

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