Interview with Swedish based Symphonic Opera-rock band LIEDER DISTORTION, a project formed by classical musicians and metalheads who shared an interest for classical music and decided to interpret some classical repertoire in their own specific way. Read below about their style, influences and expect something new and wicked to enchant your ears in the near future.

Introduce your band, and describe your latest release:
We are an Opera rock, symphonic rock, opera metal. The unique thing is that we don’t just sound opera-influenced, but all the music we play is old opera arias and classical music. So we don’t really write music, but rearrange music by Mozart, Vivaldi, Schubert, etc. Our latest (and first release) is “Se il cor guerriero” is an aria from the opera Tito Manlio.
Composed by Antonio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741) , to a libretto by Matteo Noris. It was premiered at the Teatro Arciducale ‘detto il Comico’ in Mantua during the carnival season of 1719.

What’s the hardest part about being a band in this day and age?
I freelance as a classical singer, entertainer and musician. Getting to this has taken several years of playing in every place I could. During the whole time I have had Lieder Distortion as a project I was working on. The difficult thing is that there is such a mass of music released everyday, but at the same time Lieder Distortion is a very niche project. I know it’s not something everyone will like, but hopefully we can reach those who are interested

When did you realise that your project had the potential to be much more than just a fun idea?
I don’t know yet, but we have a record deal and people who liked our first single so maybe it can be something more than a fun idea

Tell us about your latest release, why should we check it out?
It is the oldest Operaaria we recorded, written by Antonio Vivaldi. Metal with opera coloratura. I think that combination is unique as a debut single from a rock band…

How does a song typically come together for you?
Choose opera aria, instrument, arrange, find the chords, Record, redo, record, redo, give up, keep recording and finally!

How would you describe your sound to an unfamiliar reader?
Operarock, Symphonic Metal.

What do you want listeners to take away from listening to your band?
Music that has a different structure and is from a different time may sound a bit foreign, but there are forms, tones and poetry that we think have a place in today’s classical scene AND the rock scene.

Where would you really like to tour that you haven’t done so yet, and why?
I tour as a freelancer in northern and central Sweden. I have no desire to go to any particular place. I am always full of experiences regardless of where I am. Imagination, ideas and feelings are more interesting than seeing some tourist destination or similar…

How would you say that the sound of your band has progressed over the years?
From unavailable to less accessible…

How excited are you for 2023, and what can fans expect from you?
It is now that we begin. We will release our first four singles and our first album this year.

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