AFTENSTORM – released first EP

AFTENSTORM – released first EP

Aftenstorm is a 3-piece dark heathen folk band based in Budapest hailing from Norway, Netherlands and France.
On December 5th, the band has released their first EP, “Ond blot”, containing five songs and lasting for twenty minutes. The band aims at sending the listener for a musical time journey back to the norse pagan days, but using texts that everyone can relate to in modern days.
Their unique brand of entertainment fuses an ancient Nordic sound, tenor vocals with primal drums and haunting Tagelharpa melodies that will make your mind travel back in time and dance around a majestic bonfire. 
Now hailed as ‘PAF (Pagan as f##k)’ Aftenstorm have attracted a continuous and growing Instagram following and have released an impressive EP named Ond Blot.

Currently, the band is working on their first music video that they plan to release in February, 2023.

For updates, you can follow the band on social media @aftenstorm on Facebook, @aftenstorm_official on Instagram.

Aftenstorm’s members:

Daniel Høstan: Sanger, låtskriver, komponist og Tagelharpist. ??
Hermina Fuske: Bass-Tagelharpist og komponist. ??
Lancelot Carré: Trommeslager og låtstrukturer. ??


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