ÅRABROT covers ‘Green Fire’

ÅRABROT covers ‘Green Fire’

Listen to Norwegian Art Rock Outfit ÅRABROT’s version of Ethel Azama’s classic “Green Fire“ (written by Miklós Rózsa and Jack Brooks) from the upcoming “Heart EP” out December 2nd

Norwegian grammy award-winning noise rock outfit Årabrot return with a new EP which sees the eclectic duo of Kjetil Nernes and Karin Park leading us right into the band’s heart of hearts. These songs come right off the back of last year’s seminal ‘Norwegian Gothic’, which was described by main-songwriter Nernes as “an amalgamation of all of our influences,” but also as “a good indication of what to come”.


Kjetil comments:⁠
“We love the new but we also love the old-time. The old-time Robert Johnson blues, the old-time country and western of the Louvin brothers, the old-time Duke Ellington jazz of the twenties, the old-time black and white movies… It channels a time warp into a different age. A few years ago we walked into a record shop in the old town of Stockholm and they had an Ethel Azama album on the wall and Green Fire playing loudly over the speakers. We walked into a time warp. We were mesmerised.”



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