WIZRD – reveal details and single from upcoming album

WIZRD – reveal details and single from upcoming album

Having learned their craft at the Jazz Conservatory in Trondheim, WIZRD have completed work on their new album “Seasons”, and Karisma Records have today released the track “Lessons” from the album.

“Lessons” is a track that gives an insight into what we can expect from the debut album from this talented Norwegian quartet, consisting of Hallvard Gaardløs (SPIDERGAWD, DRAKEN and more) on bass and lead vocals, Karl Bjorå (MEGALODON COLLECTIVE and more) on guitar and vocals, Vegard Lien Bjerkan (SOFT FFOG and more) on keyboards and vocals and Axel Skalstad (KROKOFANT, SOFT FFOG and more) on drums.

The band’s Hallvard Gaardløs explains::

“Lessons” is somewhat the quintessential WIZRD song, at least for me. It is a good representation of what we intend to do on this album, mixing progressive and improvisational elements with rock & pop sensibilities. The lyrics are about the New Age movement, and the fact that I find it rather silly. I’m kind of just making fun of it all, comparing yoga to a sacrificing ritual for Satan. With that said, I practice yoga sometimes myself, so I guess that makes me a demon worshipper.. Oh well, why not! Hail Satan!

The single “Lessons” can be downloaded or streamed from a variety of services at


“Seasons”  itself, is set for release on the 21st October, and showcases how WIZRD are more than happy to test their limits with a sound that encompasses  Rock and Indie to Jazz and Prog, whilst breaking a few rules along the way. The end result is a masterclass on how to produce a catchy  album that is filled with beautiful vocal harmonies, stunning melodies, quirky jazz grooves and a rock’n’roll drive to die for.

Produced by Norwegian film score composer and JAGA JAZZIST drummer Martin Horntveth, “Seasons” was recorded at the Studio Paradiso in Oslo by Marcus Forsgren (BROR FORSGREN, JAGA JAZZIST) and Horntveth, and mixed by Bergen based musician and producer Matias Tellez (YOUNG DREAMS, GIRL IN RED).

With artwork by Steph Hope,  tracklisting on “Seasons” is as follows:

1. Lessons
2. Free Will
3. Spitfire
4. All is as it should be
5. Show Me What You Got
6. Fire & Water
7. Divine
8. When You Call

“Seasons” will be available in CD, Digital and a Limited Edition LP in transparent magenta vinyl formats, and can now be pre-ordered from:

Webshop: https://www.karismarecords.no/kar239-wizrd-seasons/
Bandcamp: https://wizrd.bandcamp.com

More information about WIZRD can be found on the band’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WIZRDTHEBAND/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/WIZRDTHEBAND/
BandCamp: https://wizrd.bandcamp.com/
Band Contact:  hallvardgaardlos@hotmail.com
Promo and other information: post@karismarecords.no
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