IGNEA dedicates a new music video to the brave Ukrainian heroes

IGNEA dedicates a new music video to the brave Ukrainian heroes

Photo credits: Sergii Chernov

The Ukrainian metal band IGNEA has released an official music video for their song Magura’s Last Kiss while the war is still ongoing in Ukraine. 


We would like to dedicate this song and this video to all brave Ukrainians who have been and who are defending our land, who are preserving the sovereignty of our country, and who give hope for the peaceful future of Ukraine”, says Helle, the vocalist.  

According to mythology, Magura is the Ukrainian valkyrie, the winged, warlike, cloud maiden, the daughter of the Thunderer Perun. With her wings, she overshadows the brave soldiers fallen on the battlefield, touches their lips, and gives them the living water to drink from a golden cup. This is how these soldiers end up in Vyrii, the heavenly palace for eternal life.


In Magura’s Last Kiss, Magura is fed up with wars and bloodshed. She believes that ‘peace can be bold and knightly’. To end all fighting, she kisses herself and goes to Vyrii. 


“This song was written back in 2020. The video was filmed at the end of 2021. Never could we imagine that it would be so relevant today… For us, this song is now like a mantra or affirmation for Ukrainian people and a metal lullaby for Ukrainian soldiers, for whom we feel extreme pride and gratitude for every day that we survive in this war,” adds Helle. 


Since the beginning of the war, IGNEA has been covering it from the epicenter of events in a publicly available post on their Patreon. Part of the band’s income has been used to support the Ukrainian army, volunteers, and people who suffered from the war.


Together with the video, the band produced a special merch line with the Ukrainian part of the lyrics from the song.


Magura’s Last Kiss is taken from BESTIA, a concept EP about the human nature of Ukrainian mythological creatures and the world’s duality. In Ukrainian, BESTIA (Ukr. «бестія») means both a savage beast and a mischievous person. This is a split record that was out on October 21st, 2021, consisting of songs by two Ukrainian bands — IGNEA and ERSEDU — and is a result of their 10-year friendship. 




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