MoE Releases 4th Single “The Obscure” From Fourth Full-Length Album

MoE Releases 4th Single “The Obscure” From Fourth Full-Length Album

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Norwegian Avantgarde Sludge Duo MoE Releases 4th Single “The Obscure”; Fourth Full-Length Album To See Release March 11th Through Oslo Located Record Label VINTER RECORDS. Watch / Share “The Obscure”

The fourth single from MoE, leading up to the release of «The Crone», their magnum opus so far in their career. A blend of disturbingly heavy riffs, desperate sounds, jazzy twists combined with their avant garde approach to their sludge makes MoE stand out in the flora of bands to follow. This single drops on the day of the opening of the exhibition «MoE – We who loved chaos» at the Norwegian rock hall of fame at Rockheim in Trondheim. 

The Exhibition “MoE – we who loved chaos” at Norway’s National Museum of Popular Music will Open its Doors today, 28 January 2022. An Exhibition About the Band MoE, the Do-It-Yourself Culture and Encounters Between People in a Changing World. Please Find More Information At This Location. and Watch a Short Teaser HERE. 


In case you missed it watch the band’s latest video for the track “Beautiful Stranger” HERE or jump to the “Crone” RIGHT HERE. Please find “Silver Lining” HERE.  

The Crone is an uncompromising journey into a realm of feverish and taunting dreams. Through driving rhythms, and Guro’s lulling and tantalizing vocals, you are drawn into a world formed by hidden narratives and broken realties.

And though soft, and almost comforting at times, you are quickly hurled back into a harsh and diverged soundscape. It is a steady and compelling ride through anger and pain to absolution. The Crone judges you, and The Crone lets you judge. This is the first new single from the resolute, free, and chaotic force that is MoE. 

Since the beginning, back in 2009, MoE has dedicated their craft to international partners and the global touring circuit. They have visited almost every corner of the world, playing places most bands can only dream of, counting Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, Mexico and all over Europe. Alongside the extensive traveling MoE has challenged and experimented with both the album and live-format, giving them an extraordinary foundation as a unit.

The Crone is the title track of MoE’s 4th album which is to be released on Vinter Records early 2022.



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