CORRODER releases ‘Tombs of Terror’

CORRODER releases ‘Tombs of Terror’

Photo: Roger Isaksen

Trondheim based band CORRODER has released a new demo, “Tombs of Terror”, available via Bandcamp and Limited Edition Casette

Corroder is thrash metal band, based just outside Trondheim, Norway. The band got together in 2019, but the boring facts of the pandemic caused a delay in recording any material until last spring when a five track demo was recorded over two days at a professional sound studio, and mixed by the band’s guitarist/vocalist and later released on casette

Now the band is releasing their second demo, called “Tombs of Terror” and can be heard on the band’s Bandcamp page or can be puchased on casette

Though being a new band, the members of Corroder has been/is active for many years in bands such as Goat the Head, Bloodthorn, Chton, Cleaver and Lumsk, with a long dedication to Metal music.



Lead, rythm guitar & vocals (on 1,3 & 5),: Ketil L. Sæther
Drums & vocals (on 2 & 4): Espen Hektoen
Bass: Harald Brovold

Lyrics: Espen Hektoen / Music: Harald Brovold
Drums and vocals recorded at Dreamfarm Studios by Ola Langli
Guitars and bass recorded at Mike Itchin Studios and Trasig Terror Studios by Ketil Sæther.
Mixed by Ketil Sæther and Corroder


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