TUGT to release debut “Ved Lysets Ophør”

TUGT to release debut “Ved Lysets Ophør”

TUGT is the negative vessel of Skóggangr (Ildskær, Í Myrkri, Genfærd), and a project which has been many years in the making and now finally the debut is ready

Ved Lysets Ophør (eng: At the end of light) is a lyrical reflection and outlet of personal thoughts throughout a dark and disorderly time of my life spanning many years, an impression which has been reflected musically to create an immersion into this mindfog of dismal patterns and hypnotic disharmonies.

After a dormant period where I dedicated myself to other projects, the pandemic offered me some time to finally return and materialize the album with the assistance of Saxtorph (Afsind, Saxtorph, ex-Genfærd) and Ahnstrøm (Afsind, Cause of death: Suicide). The result is an oppressive and bleak trip to the chasm between life and death.

Ved Lysets Ophør is best enjoyed in solitude.

First single “Fortabt” released on Order ov the Black Arts:


Ved Lysets Ophør is to be released on CD and digital download by british label Onism Productions as well as on Cassette tape by Virkelighedsfjern on 11th February 2022

1. Sorte Sunder
2. De Hvide Sale
3. Gråsind
4. Mareridt
5. Fortabt
6. Sjæledød
7. Efterspil


Skovgænger: Guitars, vocals
Saxtorph: Bass, atmosphere
Ahnstrøm: Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Wolf Den Studio by Saxtorph
Album artwork, photos and layout by Skovgænger
Skovgænger photo by Manuel Thomsen




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