BORKNAGAR – Launch visualizer clip for ‘Dauden (Remaster 2021)’

BORKNAGAR – Launch visualizer clip for ‘Dauden (Remaster 2021)’


BORKNAGAR – Launch visualizer clip for “Dauden (Remaster 2021)”; North American tour announced; Anniversary deluxe re-issue of “Borknagar” debut album out


A very special 25th Anniversary re-issue of the pioneering self-titled debut album by Norway’s avant-garde Black Metal innovators BORKNAGAR is out worldwide via the band’s longtime label partner Century Media Records.


Check out a visualizer clip for the track "Dauden (Remaster 2021)" created by Wanderley Perna / W Designer to get an impression of "Borknagar (25th Anniversary Re-issue 2021)" here: 


BORKNAGAR founder and mastermind Øystein G. Brun commented about "Dauden" as follows: " If there is one song that has shaped my sound and inspired my career as a musician that is "Dauden". Even though this was not the first song written for the debut, "Dauden" was the first song I carved out on my, then newly bought, Fostex multitrack recorder. This opened a new world to me, to be able to sit in solitude and work out layers of guitar arrangements without the typical fuzz and chaos of a rehearsal room. I still remember the grandiose feeling of musical excitement when the mid-section of this song fell into place. A notion that music can derive from "nothing" to become an entity bigger than life. This exact notion has kept my flame burning throughout all these years. Furthermore, when first talking with Kristoffer "Garm" Rygg about him doing the vocals and joining the band, "Dauden" was the song we were talking about, this was the musical trigger so to speak. He was seriously into this song. And I can clearly remember as if it was yesterday, Garm dancing around in studio in awe doing choirs. There was something magical about this one…And still is!"

And Øystein G. Brun previously commented on "Borknagar (25th Anniversary Re-issue 2021)" as follows: "Throughout the years I have received countless requests for a re-release of this album…but because this album represents such a personal and treacherous part of my life, I wanted it to be done with dignity. And here we are: This is the definitive re-release of the debut album of BORKNAGAR. This release contains a genuine re-master of the debut album, based on the original mix tapes. This has been done with the uttermost care and love by yours sincerely to maintain the original sound and flavour of the album, and solely to improve the listening experience. Working on this re-release has been an emotional ride. While always maintaining a good feeling about the project it has been times of frustration and technical obstacles. Hours has been spent finding and compiling old pictures, dealing with tapes and equipment that has not been played or used in over 25 years. But now it is done, and I hope you all enjoy and appreciate this release as much as I do."


Initially released in 1996, "Borknagar" saw Øystein G. Brun recruiting a phenomenal cast of like-minded musicians such as Garm (Ulver, ex Arcturus) doing the vocals, drummer Grim (ex-Immortal, Gorgoroth), Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved) on keyboards and bassist Infernus (who played in Gorgoroth) to enter the notorious halls of Grieghallen Studios with the goal of rupturing the peripheries of what was then deemed "traditional" Black Metal.


The new deluxe edition of the album, now entitled "Borknagar (25th Anniversary Re-issue 2021)" marks the definitive version of this pioneering Norwegian Metal classic, as it includes a careful remaster of the 10 album songs courtesy of Øystein G. Brun himself, a makeover for the original artwork, profound liner notes, exclusive photos and a bonus disc full of previously unheard material from the band vaults. Here are the complete tracklistings of the Anniversary release:


"Borknagar (25th Anniversary Re-issue 2021)" – Digipak 2CD Digipak & Digital Album:


CD 1 – "Borknagar (Remaster 2021)" (44:47):

  1. Vintervredets Sjelesagn (Remaster 2021) (06:47)
  2. Tanker mot Tind – Kvelding (Remaster 2021) (03:43)
  3. Svartskogs Gilde (Remaster 2021) (05:52)
  4. Ved Steingard (Remaster 2021) (02:18)
  5. Krigsstev (Remaster 2021) (02:02)
  6. Dauden (Remaster 2021) (05:49)
  7. Grimskalle Trell (Remaster 2021) (05:39)
  8. Nord Naagauk (Remaster 2021) (03:07)
  9. Fandens Allheim (Remaster 2021) (06:22)
  10. Tanker mot Tind – Gryning (Remaster 2021) (03:01)


CD 2 – "Borknagar (25th Anniversary Bonus Material)" (60:17):

  1. Vintervredets Sjelesagn (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995) (06:46)
  2. Svartskogs Gilde (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995) (05:51)
  3. Krigsstev (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995) (02:02)
  4. Dauden (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995) (05:51)
  5. Grimskalle Trell (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995) (05:45)
  6. Fandens Allheim (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995) (05:53)
  7. Ved Steingard (Alternate Mix) (02:13)
  8. Nord Naagauk (Alternate Mix) (03:28)
  9. Vintervredets Sjelesagn (Rehearsal 1994) (06:59)
  10. Grimskalle Trell (Rehearsal 1994) (06:14)
  11. Ved Steingard (First ever recording 1994) (02:18)
  12. Vintervredets Sjelesagn (Alternate Mix) (06:49)


"Borknagar (25th Anniversary Re-issue 2021)" – Gatefold 2LP:


LP 1 – "Borknagar (Remaster 2021)" (44:45):

Side A (20:43):

  1. Vintervredets Sjelesagn (Remaster 2021) (06:47)
  2. Tanker mot Tind – Kvelding (Remaster 2021) (03:43)
  3. Svartskogs Gilde (Remaster 2021) (05:52)
  4. Ved Steingard (Remaster 2021) (02:18)
  5. Krigsstev (Remaster 2021) (02:02)

Side B (24:01):

  1. Dauden (Remaster 2021) (05:49)
  2. Grimskalle Trell (Remaster 2021) (05:39)
  3. Nord Naagauk (Remaster 2021) (03:07)
  4. Fandens Allheim (Remaster 2021) (06:22)
  5. Tanker mot Tind – Gryning (Remaster 2021) (03:01)


LP 2 – "Borknagar (25th Anniversary Bonus Material)" (37:35):

Side C (20:31):

  1. Vintervredets Sjelesagn (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995) (06:46)
  2. Svartskogs Gilde (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995) (05:51)
  3. Krigsstev (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995) (02:02)
  4. Dauden (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995) (05:51)

Side D (17:03):

  1. Grimskalle Trell (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995) (05:45)
  2. Fandens Allheim (Live Session at Grieghallen Studios 1995) (05:53)
  3. Ved Steingard (Alternate Mix) (02:13)
  4. Nord Naagauk (Alternate Mix) (03:10)


The limited Digipak 2CD (with 12 bonus tracks / 60 min.) and the limited Gatefold 2LP on 180g black vinyl (with 8 bonus tracks / 37 min.) can be ordered here:


Most recently, BORKNAGAR have unfortunately been forced to cancel their previously announced European headlining run with support by SAOR and Cân Bardd, initially scheduled to happen in November-December 2021. But in better news, BORKNAGAR have announced a re-scheduled routing for their long overdue return to North America as part of the "Devastation Of The Nation" tour with Rotting Christ, Wolfheart and Abigail Williams, as well as several other shows for 2022 in order to continue to promote their latest album "True North". Check out a list of all upcoming BORKNAGAR dates here:


BORKNAGAR – Live 2021:

11.12.2021 Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – Eindhoven Metal Meeting


BORKNAGAR – Live 2022:

08.01.2022 Zürich (Switzerland) – Dynamo / Mehsuff Winter-Festival


Rotting Christ, BORKNAGAR, Wolfheart & Abigail Williams

"Devastation Of The Nation" – North American Tour 2022

21.04.2022 Berkeley, CA – Cornerstone

22.04.2022 Portland, OR – Bossanova Ballroom

23.04.2022 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre

24.04.2022 Seattle, WA – El Corazon

26.04.2022 Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Music Hall

27.04.2022 Denver, CO – The Roxy Theater

29.04.2022 Minneapolis, MN – Skyway Theatre

30.04.2022 Chicago, IL – Reggies

01.05.2022 Detroit, MI – Sanctuary

03.05.2022 Toronto, ON – Lees Palace

04.05.2022 Montreal, QC – Foufounes Electriques

05.05.2022 Quebec City, QC – Imperial

06.05.2022 Manchester, NH – Jewel

07.05.2022 Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus Bar

08.05.2022 Baltimore, MD – Soundstage

10.05.2022 Greensboro, NC – Blind Tiger

11.05.2022 Nashville, TN – Exit/In

12.05.2022 Birmingham, AL – Zydeco

13.05.2022 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade (Hell)

14.05.2022 Tampa, FL – The Orpheum

16.05.2022 Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall

17.05.2022 Fort Worth, TX – Haltom Theater

18.05.2022 Austin, TX – Come and Take It Live

19.05.2022 El Paso, TX – Rockhouse Bar

20.05.2022 Phoenix, AZ – Nile Theater

21.05.2022 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick

22.05.2022 Los Angeles, CA – 1720

More info:



BORKNAGAR – Live 2022:

27.05.2022 Hollandscheveld (The Netherlands) – Graveland Open Air

28.05.2022 Whittlebury Park / Towchester (UK) – ManorFest

19.06.2022 Clisson (France) – Hellfest
24.06.2022 Kauhajoki (Finland) – Nummirock
27.08.2022 Thessaloniki (Greece) – 8Ball
28.08.2022 Athens (Greece) – Kyttaro 


Moonspell, My Dying Bride, BORKNAGAR, Wolfheart & Hinayana

"Ultima Ratio Fest" – European Tour 2022

29.09.2022 Frankfurt (Germany) – Batschkapp

30.09.2022 Leipzig (Germany) – Hellraiser

01.10.2022 Antwerp (Belgium) – Trix

02.10.2022 Luxembourg (Luxembourg) – Den Atelier

03.10.2022 Paris (France) – Elysee Montmatre

04.10.2022 Lyon (France) – Transbordeur

05.10.2022 Pratteln (Switzerland) – Z7

06.10.2022 Stuttgart (Germany) – LKA

07.10.2022 Geiselwind (Germany) – Music Hall

08.10.2022 Munich (Germany) – Backstage Werk

09.10.2022 Brno (Czech Republic) – Sono

10.10.2022 Budapest (Hungary) – Barba Negra

11.10.2022 Vienna (Austria) – Arena

12.10.2022 Wroclaw (Poland) – A2

13.10.2022 Berlin (Germany) – Kesselhaus

14.10.2022 Hamburg (Germany) – Markthalle

15.10.2022 Oberhausen (Germany) – Turbinenhalle 2

16.10.2022 Utrecht (The Netherlands) – Ronda

Ticket pre-sale:


And more shows to be announced soon…


Feel free to check out the singles for BORKNAGAR’s "True North" album here:

"The Fire That Burns":

"Up North":

"Voices" video:

And you can order "True North" here:


"True North" received raving reviews in the media and was elected "Album of the month" by publications like Metal Hammer (Germany), Legacy (Germany) or also Scream (Norway). The album scored several international sales chart rankings upon release as follows: Germany: #31, Switzerland: #34, Finland: #42, Austria: #56, Sweden (Physical Albums): #46, USA (Billboard Heatseekers): , USA (Billboard Hard Rock): #22 as well as ITunes Charts: Canada: #70, Italy: #77, Germany: #86 and Finland: #94.


Stay tuned for more BORKNAGAR news coming soon…