Tot Stilstand release the video for new single Kop Bo Vuur

Tot Stilstand release the video for new single Kop Bo Vuur


Afrikaans rock band Tot Stiltand (meaning something like “To A Standill”) are releasing the video for their new single "Kop Bo Vuur"

Pretoria based Afrikaans heavy rock band Tot Stilstand have released the video for their explosive new single Kop Bo Vuur. The track is an anthemic riff driven testament to broken relationships, from pummeling drums to soaring vocals and guitar leads.We have certainly enjoyed listening it and consider it quite an experience to have heard rock music in a language like Afrikaans.

"This song is about a relationship experience with someone who had borderline personality disorder". Explains vocalist Juan-Griffith Pollard. "It also uses the Afrikaans expression "Hou kop bo water" (Hold your head above the water) which means to try and survive in a new context where we sing "Hou my kop bo jou vuur"( hold my head above your fire) referring to the flames the writer finds himself in which the person started by burning bridges between the two."

Formed in 2010 in Pretoria, the bands mission from the very beginning has been simple, as they explain, "We don’t make music to have it become a business, we use music as our outlet, more of a creative escape from this world".

For the last 3 years the band has been inactive on the live scene, just getting together to jam the days frustrations out of their blood. The result has been some great new music.

Kop Bo Vuur will be available on all digital platforms on the 11th December 2020 including.



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