Acid Mess – new album premiere

Acid Mess – new album premiere

Photo by Ossobüko

Eternal Terror Live presents album premiere for ‘Sangre de otros mundos’ by Spanish neo-psychedeliacs Acid Mess


Sangre de otros mundos‘ is the name of Acid Mess new album. Five years after their latest title, the Spanish rock band goes deeper into psych and prog rock.

With this new collection of songs, we see the most ambitious and complex version of the band. It sounds like psych, prog, kraut, punk, latin rythms and andalusian folk. They take risk on ‘Sangre de otros mundos‘ and they go further – there are no limits for Acid Mess.

Five years after ‘II‘, Acid Mess is back to business with a new album recorded and mixed in July 2019 at Ovni Estudio by Pablo Martínez, and mastered at Green Desert Mastering by Quique Sanchís. The possibility of postponing its release until Covid-19 was gone was on the table, but the band members decided to fight Coronavirus with their music, with culture. ‘Sangre de otros mundos‘ is set to be released on 6th November 2020 via Spanish underground label Spinda Records (the guys behind Viaje a 800, Moura, Bourbon, Híbrido, El Lobo En Tu Puerta, Habitar La Mar, Sageness…). Artwork and photography by Ossobüko.


Band members Miguel Ruiz (guitars, vocals), Borja Vázquez (bass, vocals), Antonio Tamargo (drums, backing vocals) and Juan Villamil (synths, keys) seem to be comfortable mixing styles, something that they demostraste to everyone with the isolation version of "Hechicera" (recorded with mobile devices during isolation weeks in Spain) and the additional musicians appearing in the album: Sergio Pevida (percussion) and the combo of Aurora Salazar & Débora Hernández (folk vocals on "Salvaje historia" and "El reflejo de su piel").


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  1. El reflejo de su piel
  2. Fuego al templo
  3. Hechicera
  4. Futuro sin color
  5. Hijos del Sol
  6. Salvaje historia
  7. Infierno gris

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