South African thrashers TRUTH DECAYED Release MODERN DAY ILLUSION EP

South African thrashers TRUTH DECAYED Release MODERN DAY ILLUSION EP

South African thrashers TRUTH DECAYED  Release MODERN DAY ILLUSION  EP


"Truth has lost its definition! Truth … a modern day disgrace!"

Welcome to a hard gritty look at the state of the world in 2020 from the eyes of TRUTH DECAYED, a newly formed Thrash Metal outfit from Durban (South Africa). These lads have seemingly come out of nowhere and has taken the Metal Scene by storm, raking in an African Metal Week Award with BurgStudio Radio, triumphantly earning a Band Battle Accolade with The Metal Lab in the UK and receiving international airplay for their debut single on various stations (and all this before their debut EP even released)!

No stranger to hard graft and sonic success, A.S. Guitars Ambassador and Solo Artist Ryno Theron heads up this new outfit as Vocalist and Guitarist. Long-time friend and muso compadre Warren Jones takes up fellow Guitar Duties, perfectly complemented by Johan Maree on Bass and Backing Vocals as well as Brandon Carey on Drums.

Ryno Theron states that "the songs are made up from old riffs Warren and I wrote some years ago. Hearing our respective songs come to life has been an awesome experience, giving birth to the Truth Decayed sound, combined with the input from Johan and Brandon". 

​Guitarist Warren Jones comments that "I’m glad these songs turned out the way they did. Great bunch of guys turned these riffs into something unthinkable."

​Drummer Brandon Carey adds that "It was really fun and interesting working with Ryno and Warren on these songs with Johan bringing in a fresh take on bass. The songs with every member’s different backgrounds in music influences shines through and gives a unique sound that I’m sure people will enjoy. Keep it brutal!"

​Bassist Johan Maree concludes that "It has been an amazing trip so far to work with friends, making music we love. I look forward to the future and the experiences ahead."

MODERN DAY ILLUSION offers stark commentary on a world marred by decayed morals and skewed truths, where fakeness reigns supreme, adding to the ever-growing bouquet of terror plaguing a society already in turmoil.



Truth Decayed is a South African Thrash Metal band founded by long time friends, Warren Jones and Ryno Theron. Warren Jones played for the promising Durban Metal band "Mystical Element" early in his music career.

More later ventures include the successful "Metallica, Kill Em All Tribute" in Durban. Ryno Theron has played in numerous Durban Metal bands, most notably "Throne". He has also for the last few years built up a solid solo career which has seen him release his critically acclaimed "Howling Rush" album, and perform at Smoking Dragon festival, Splashy Fen and more.

To make up the four piece, Warren brought in Johan Maree (bass) and Brandon Carey (drums). Johan is a newbie to the music scene, but packed with talent and passion. Brandon was part of the popular Stigmata Dawn. In his time in Stigmata Dawn, he performed at numerous festivals including Thornfest, Mutherfudd, Season’s Wither and Witchfest (When Carcass headlined) to name a few.

With this complete line up they are a new band, with big goals. Developing as a "lockdown band" they have brought out their first single "Modern Day Illusion" which won them a top 5 spot on France The Planet’s Southern African Metal Madness Week on BurgStudio. This was closely followed by taking the Battle of the Bands Title with The Metal Lab in the UK.