VREID – new video premiere

VREID – new video premiere

photo by Håvard Nesbø


-Video premiere-


In the beginning of June Vreid did a very unique concert streaming. A liveshow on their mountain farm in the spectacular Norse nature in Sogndal, on the west coast of Norway. The stream was an immense success with over 130 000 people watching it. The reactions were wild, and Vreid have now decided to release a video from the show. This is the video for the title track for their legendary 2009 second world war themed album Milorg.

New album coming in 2021 via Season of Mist

Vreid have used 2020 on finishing material for their 9th album that will be out on Season of Mist in the first half of 2021. The band will enter studio early autumn and reports that the spirit in the bands is stronger and darker than ever before. The nordic flame burns stronger year by year.


The Statement

“It’s strange and weird times for everyone. For Vreid, we have done as we always do: march onwards. I have been working hard on new material for the last months. Started working new stuff last year, but in the last few months things have fallen into place, and we will go into studio soon. I have such a great feeling for the new material, expect an early 2021 release and expect a dark and raw brew.“Talking about brew, in August we launch our own Vreid Beer. It’s a cooperation with our local Balder Brewery, and its crafted by our own beer wizard Stian. We launch the beer when we do 2 shows at Rockefeller in Oslo on August 15. This will be the first metal show they do as part of their reopening, and we can’t wait to get back out that stage. “But already this week things are happening as we release a video from the streaming session we did at my mountain farm. The response was completely overwhelming, so we decided to release a video for the track ‘Milorg’ for you. During autumn and winter we will have plenty of new and old news for you all. Fingers crossed that we can return to touring in 2021 as well. Stay strong, act reasonable and enjoy metal.”

Vreid reopens concert scene in Norway and launch Vreid Beer.

Vreid will also be in the frontline for reopening the concert scene in Norway. On August 15th they will do a special show at the legendary Rockefeller venue in Oslo. This will be the first metal show there since the covid-19 closure. On this night Vreid will also launch their first official Vreid beer crafted by the band’s guitarist Stian “Strom” Bakketeig and Balder Brewery. The show sold out immediately, and an extra show have been added.