Boargazm premieres new track

Boargazm premieres new track

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Space/thrash act Boargazm launches vicious new single Epsilon

Mongrel Records label’s favourite South African intergalactic space metal hogs, Boargazm, release their new single Epsilon tomorrow! The track is taken from the bands long-awaited new album Armagammon, and features a killer guitar solo by Kris Xenopoulos, resident shredder for metal cohorts, Vulvodynia.

"We couldn’t be more stoked to be back at it again! We’ve experimented a lot with grooves and tunings on the new stuff and we’ve found a sound that is a bit more evolved but still rooted in our own methods." Comments guitarist and vocalist Heine van der Walt. "Also having a shredder like Kris Xenopoulos put some of his magic on there is such a treat."

Guitarist Chris van der Walt adds, "Epsilon is the introduction for the sound of the Armagammon album. We have taken all the elements of music and life that inspire us and mixed them together to form a sound that we like to hear when playing together. It’s always going to be intense, groovy and filled with interesting ideas."


About Boargazm

The year is 2086, and Planet Earth is under attack by an unknown alien force referred to as the pig people from Planet Zorg. In an assault led by the pig-lord General Barbatus, the space-pigs slaughter millions of people within the first few hours and broadcast an ultimatum to humans. Submit to slavery or die. Unbeknownst to humanity, the pig people visited planet earth nearly three thousand years ago, using a calculated approach to steer civilization into overpopulation by introducing essential technologies and sciences to nations across the globe. Throughout history, all the evidence was refuted and regarded as a hoax, until the day the pigs returned once the planet had enough protein and sentience. A rebel band of resistance fighters known only as ‘The Pig Whisperers’ went to see the oracle, witch doctor from the third world. Hoping to find an answer on how to liberate their race, she told them that the only way to prevent this attack is to go back in time and warn the world, through a mystical ritual that involves time-incarnation. ‘The Pig Whisperers’ were immediately born a hundred years earlier and received frequent visions from the oracle in one clear message: be prophets of the aporkalypse by any means necessary. Drawn together to tell the world of the fate of humankind, Boargazm introduced their first chronicle ‘The Aporkalypse’, followed by ‘The Baconing’, and now following up with their latest offering, ‘Armagammon’.

Boargazm has performed at most significant festivals in South Africa, including Oppikoppi, Mieliepop, STRAB, Witchfest, RAM concerts, and more. They have been the opening act for various international acts coming to South Africa, including Sepultura, Fear Factory, God Mother, Devildriver, Mantar, Protest The Hero, and more. Boargazm stretched their wings and toured to Brazil, Ecuador, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Mozambique, Botswana, & Kenya – and they said pigs couldn’t fly…

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