SIGNALFEIDE Unleashes Cold Fires

SIGNALFEIDE Unleashes Cold Fires

SIGNALFEIDE Unleashes Cold Fires

A rumbling new track drenched in lo-fi underground aesthetics by the Norwegian/US pagan metal outfit SIGNALFEIDE is out now via YouTube and Bandcamp. The slow, heavy, and hypnotic piece that is ‘Cold Fires’ serves as a crude meditation on the marvelous sense of nature as the sublime and how gloriously indifferent it is to man. There is also a strong feeling of nostalgia for the past coursing through the composition.
 Released May 23, 2020 as a digital single by Floodgate Moods Productions.

Stream and/or download the track via Bandcamp:

See the track via YouTube:

 J.H. – drums
 J.N. – strings and vocals

 Written, recorded, and mixed by J.H. and J.N.
 Mastered by J.H.

 Everything was conceived and whipped into shape in The Bunker (New Jersey, USA) and Orlok Studios (Bergen, Norway).

 Cover photo by C.N.
 Artwork/Layout by G. Owen Wears
 Visit the Floodgate Moods Productions website: