ORIGIN OF INFINITY – The Last Day On Earth

ORIGIN OF INFINITY – The Last Day On Earth

In the pursuit of originality a band may establish a unique sound at the cost of songwriting quality. This is exactly the case with Czech progressive metalcore/djent trio Origins Of Infinity on their debut album.

Origins Of Infinity was formed in 2017 by a guitarist Vladimir “Vladin” Novák, drummer Miroslav “Levi” Kočegura and Jan Venzhöfer, in Děčín, Bohemia, Czech Republic. Venzhöfer left in 2019 and the vocalist Tomáš "Hospi" Hospodka was added to the lineup, which recorded, this here, the debut album. The album, although it contains 12 tracks, is a very short, just barely over 26 minute affair, which reminds me of hardcore albums.

The band’s sound could be described as Meshuggah’s "Obzen" djenty riffing combined with old Mastodon/Misery Signals songwriting and the melodiscism of early God Forbid. Most of the songs follow the formula of deafening 2-3 riff pattern with occasional melody with one outstanding combination of Killswitch Engage-sque stylings and Between The Buried And Me progression (Time Travellever), and one allusion to Sepultura’s "Desperate Cry" (Black Mirror) but other than that melody is scarce and far between, unless you count the brief but very potent instrumental, "Voices". Speaking of instrumentals, there are no less than 4 of them and 1 sample (Prelude To Infinity), which is heavily destracting and momentum murdering.

"The Last Day On Earth" is a serviceable album which relies too heavily on djenty crushing sound and not enough on melody and songwriting. It definitely has potential and seeing these guys are new, I score their debut a little higher than what it deserves.