PICTURE ANN – release new EP

PICTURE ANN – release new EP

PICTURE ANN release "The Gray EP"
The latest collection of moody songs by the ever-unreliable lo-fi ambient/metal/minimalistic rock entity PICTURE ANN is out now via Bandcamp and YouTube for your listening pleasure. Entitled The Gray EP and consisting of four bleak and relatively different pieces, these compositions were primarily designed to reflect a sense of longing and loneliness inspired by the Dark Romantic writers of old. Written and recorded intuitively and on the spur of the moment, this 12-minute output is the perfect accompaniment to a solitary walk or a sleepless night.


  • Compressed Lines of Loneliness
  • Casket Removal Part II (The Extended Cut)
  • Horrid King
  • Gray

The Gray EP can be streamed and/or downloaded via Bandcamp and YouTube:

Visit the Floodgate Moods Productions Bandcamp website here: