CEREBRAL ROT – Odious Descent Into Decay

CEREBRAL ROT – Odious Descent Into Decay

Quick, bring the patient on the table! Name? Cerebral Rot. Celebral Rod? No, Cerebral Rot. R-O-T. Ok. Injection ready? Yes. What is it? Ancient Paradise Lost with Carcass 1 and 2 and some Immolated Obituarians for good measure. Is it solid, will it keep the patient alive? Barely, I’m afraid.

Then we should operate immediately. Are the surgeons ready? Yes. Who are they? Drs Ian Schwab (guitars, vocals), Clyle Lindstrom (guitars), Zach Nehl (bass) and Drew O’Bryant (drums). Operation "Odious Descent Into Decay" has a high degree of success. Although the team has only 3 years of experience and they demo-nstrated their knowledge skills and abilities only once before during Operation "Cessation Of Life", in 2018. But early reports from the opening title track show great potential, especially with that ominous beginning a’la "Cause Of Death" Obituary, although dr. Schwab could use something for that lingering yet barely audible smoker’s caugh. Tell him to take some bronchodilators or corticosteroids and call me in the morning.

Sir? Yes? The operation actually caused Cerebral Rot to get worse. He is hanging on for dear life and we are already halfway through the operation. Resuscitate? Usually we can resuscitate even in such predictible and cliché death cases but not when almost every track on the electrocardiograph is almost the same, almost a flat line. I mean, take the title track or "Repulsive Infestation Of Cadaver", on the latter, could they not have come up with a different melodic pattern rather than just mimic the already sleep inducing main riff? Resuscitate, then?

There is a problem, sir. What is it? There is a desperate "Do Not Resuscitate" petition signed by young dr. Paradise Lost, young dr. Immolation, young dr. Carcass and dr. Obituary from the Lost Paradise, Dawn Of Possession, Reek Of Putrefaction And Symphonies Of Sickness, and Back From The Dead Universities, respectively. The End Complete! What shall we do? We are already too far gone, the patient is practically dead. The stench of "Odious Descent Into Decay" is making other, healthier patients, nauseous, by god of thunder, DO resuscitate! Ok.

Ready? Clear! Zap! Again! Ready? Clear! Zap! Again! Ready? Clear! Zap! Again! Sir? Sir?! What?! It’s no use, sir. He’s gone.