ISKALD – new video

ISKALD – new video

Photo by Kristian Nyheim Larsen



-video premiere-


 "Lysene som Forsvant"

from the album

Out August 31st

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Iskald presents "Lysene som Forsvant", a video by Troll Toftenes. With reverence and great dignity Iskald wanted to honor the fallen warriors, all the lights that disappeared. Witness an important, mesmerizing and beautiful video which expands beyond the horizons of the genre. Welcome to the mighty north, a place for harvest…yet hope remains!



Innhøstinga: There have been some rumors about something new and wicked brewing along the shores of the north. And right as winter strikes in late 2017, Iskald concludes their long-awaited sequel to their 2014 release ‘Nedom Og Nord’. It’s been almost four years since they drew you into a realm of cold, atmospheric and highly acclaimed black metal with their fourth release on Indie Recordings.

Now they finally return to the battlefield with more fierce and power than ever before. It’s time to harvest all your crops and embark towards the oncoming storm which unfolds with ‘Innhøstinga’. Iskald continues their art of cold, intense, yet melodic black metal. At the same time, their complexity and genius in the songwriting shine on even more that before.

A new producer was brought along to make the album sound the way they intended. ‘Innhøstinga’ (Norwegian: ‘the Harvest’) might be their most complex album to date, containing nine songs divided into 50 minutes of playtime. The songs are diverse and different in their own way, while the lyrics bind them together as a whole. 

This is their second album with a Norwegian title, in which half of the lyrics are sung on their mother-tongue. ‘Lysene som Forsvant’ might just be their most melancholy epos to date, telling the story about those they have lost on their way.


Simon Larsen – Guitars/bass/vocals

Aage Krekling – Drums

Ben Hansen – Live guitarist

Isak Larsen – Live bassist



1. The Atrocious Horror
2. No Amen

3. Offer av Livet

4. Even Dawn drew Twilight

5. Resting…Not in Peace

6. De Siste Vintre

7. From Traitor to Beast

8. Lysene som Forsvant

7. Innhøstinga

Iskald on tour:
31st Oct – Supersonic – Blue Hell & KVLT – Budapest, HU
2nd Nov – Revolver Club – San Donà di Piave – IT
3rd Nov – Slaughter Club – Paderno Dugnano – IT
4th Nov – Le Clapier – Saint-Étienne – FR
5th Nov – Le Klub – Paris – FR
6th Nov – Bifröst Live – Rouen – FR
7th Nov – Helvete Pub – Club – Live Stage – Oberhausen – DE
8th Nov – Club From Hell – Erfurt-Bindersleben, Thuringen, DE
10TH Nov – Escape – Vienna, A