POSTHUMAN ABOMINATION – Transcending Embodiment

POSTHUMAN ABOMINATION – Transcending Embodiment

It’s not an easy thing to meet your maker. What can he do for you? Can the maker repair what he makes? Would you like to be modified? I had in mind something a little more radical. What seems to be the problem? Death. Well, I’m afraid that’s a little out of my jurisdiction, yet I want more life, father! Humanity has underestimated the consequences of computerization. Your flesh is a relic. I’m your vessel and your new flesh and your new world awaits you. We demand it! He’s on!

Posthuman Abomination, an Italian brutal death metal machine that obliterates everything in its path after just one EP (Crafting Life) Imperative PR likens to "a coldly alien…swarm of soulless medical droids gone mad, unemotionally dismantling the human form, rebuilding their creators into hideous parodies of human life…a full frontal assault on the senses" as the "guitars weave intricate razor wire patterns around your body, neatly and effectively dissecting the flesh while the bass and drums pound your bones to dust". "Transcending Embodiment" is the sound of a toolshed becoming its own entity and gone psychotic.

Indeed, if the first paragraph got you scratching your head my intent was to create a feeling of complete disorientation that this record creates in the listener, using the samples from the album. Build from the incessant hammer called, for lack of a better word, drums of Marco Coghe, saws-all of a Andrea Pillitu bass, Max Santarelli’s chainsaw guitar and Lorenzo Orrù’s pneumatic drill vocals Posthuman Abomination proceeds to erase everything you know about "proper" death metal. You want solos? Forget about it. You want melodies? Not on your life. You want variety? Once Through The Eyes Of The Dead and Morbid Angel of the actually engaging and rifftastic opening title track now just patiently sit through the slam-run-off-the-mill "Systematic Ecophagy" and we’ll think about it on "Cyberbrain Drain" even slowing down for you Fear Factory style for a slightly more memorable experience. "Autogenetic" will Immolate you with Morbid Angel mercilessly but "Apocatastasis" will bring the groove and a little variety back and, I’m sorry we lied, because there’s even a little dark melody under the sun! "Crafting Life" and "Simulacra/Simulation" will both remind you how great Suffocation used to be especially when this fast but don’t go away yet for in rolls the groovy and most varied "Planned Obsolescence" while "Posthuman" is almost deathcore, a slow epic heavy riff played two ways. Congratulations! You’ve survived "Transcending Embodiment".

As you’ve probably gathered from my heavily sarcastic tone, I find Posthuman Abomination’s record to be very brutal with not enough variation to render it worth salivating over, as most tracks are built around the same rapapam-pam, pam. If you have to look at the display of your mp3 player to see if you’re still on the same track, you have a problem with variety. Sure, performances of all members are tighter than the bullet lodged in Donald Trump’s supporter’s head (thank Rage Against The Machine for the reference) and the concept of machines tearing down humans to rebuild them into machines is well expressed in the music. But it seems as though the guys have packed almost all the insanity in 7 tracks and then relaxed for the remaining two with slower material instead of mixing that slower material with the insanity for a more varied and ultimately more appealing effect. You can make a brutally death metal record with catchy riffing and change of pace if Immolation’s and Hideous Divinity’s recent output is any proof. I appreciate melody and hooks in metal with the brutality and there’s not much of either with the brutality on "Transcending Embodiment".

As usually, I’m not too harsh on debutante’s score especially since the torture is relatively short, a little over 31 minutes, and, hopefully, the guys will read this and inject more variety into their next record.