KRATER 2016 – Day 1 – Oslo – Pokalen

KRATER 2016 – Day 1 – Oslo – Pokalen

Black Viper was a charming meeting with a demo band. Speed/heavy metal can be all fine at times, but to these ears the music becomes too monotonous. Add to this a vocal that is not my cup of metal tea. High pitched screams can be all great when you’re King Diamond, but that’s about it. Energetic, by all means but as said, not my cup of tea.

The number of participants was OK and we waited for some Norwegian death metal. The youngsters from the West Coast of Norway, namely Bergen, did a great show. Energetic, just as Black Viper, but the music is more happening. Tempo changes, full on throttle and great sound. The vocalist was perhaps sounding too close to fellow Norwegian, Obliteration, but that was just a minor thing. The music is very catchy at times, and live it works really well. In fact, I think Reptilian’s debut album, "Perennial Void Traverse" is great, but live their music was even better, helped by an enthusiastic audience.

I guess the same goes for Execration. If you like death metal and if you get a chance to see Norwegian Execration, then be there or be square. They are so fucking tight. The drums are driving the music forward like a steamroller, just much faster, the band’s two vocals work really great and fulfil each other and the songs are just great. When the title track for their latest album, "Morbid Dimension", rolls over us, we’re entering another…, ahem, dimension. Brilliant stuff, great sound and one new track. The opener for the upcoming album is a fast one that leaves us with the hunger for more. You know what to do next time Execration do their tricks nearby.

Personally I’m not too fond of the new wave of thrash metal. It’s just so 1984 and it bores me. By all means, Sweden’s Antichrist plays well and is all tight, but to me it becomes more or less like the same song played over and over again. With that said, it would perhaps be different if I knew the songs from before.


All in all it was a good night for metal, with variation and good sound. I had hoped for a bit more people, but it was a Thursday night, so…