BEYOND THE GATES med full lineup

BEYOND THE GATES med full lineup



It feels extremely gratifying to finally be able to present the full line-up for Beyond the Gates 2016. As most of you know this is the 5th edition of the festival and to celebrate the occasion, we’ve expanded to four days this year. As always our aim is to reflect all that is current and great in all corners of the Metal underground, being it Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom, Thrash, Occult and Heavy Metal. We think that we’ve pretty much accomplished just that.

The 2016 festival is good mix between legacy and new breed. Venom Inc, featuring Abbadon and Mantas from the legendary Venom has more or less laid the foundation for all of the various niches we mentioned above – what is more fitting having them close of the 5 years anniversary in celebratory manners four days after Polish cult act Infernal War has shaken the foundations?

Being our anniversary and all, we thought we should do something fairly exclusive as well. New band Gaahls WYRD, fronted by the prominent Norwegian singer and artist Gaahl, will perform a headline set on Thursday consisting of Trelldom material only. Says the band: «Many of these songs, from frontman Gaahl’s first ever black metal band, have never been played live before, so this will be a unique and unforgettable event.» Quite a treat, we dare say.

We’re also very satisfied with having Australian metal legends Deströyer 666 as our Friday headliner. Their new album «Wildfire» has done extremely well and we can’t wait to see what this rabid live band has in store for us.

Other new additions include some of Norway’s premier underground acts, namely Nekromantheon, Reptilian, Nettlecarrier and Gravdal.


Full Line-up:

Venom Inc (UK)
Deströyer 666 (AU)
Gaahls WYRD performing Trelldom (N)
Infernal War (PL)
Secrets of the Moon (D)
Nekromantheon (N)
Degial (S)
Gehennah (S)
Urfaust (NL)
Magister Templi (N)
Black Anvil (US)
Sortilegia (CA)
Malthusian (IRL)
Nettlecarrier (N)
Spirit Cabinet (NL)
Saturnalia Temple (S)
Ritual Death (N)
Reptilian (N)
Black Magic (N)
Gravdal (N)



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