ORYMUS – Miracles

ORYMUS – Miracles

Who would have thought we would hear a 70’s oriented progressive hard rock band with influences as varied as Uriah Heep, UFO, and Deep Purple – as well as softer strains a la recent Opeth- for the second album "Miracles" from Swiss act Orymus. Love the bluesy register for main vocalist Daniel Brönnimann that can be part Axl Rose/Steven Tyler, 100 % exuding maximum confidence during the slithering "Testament of a Simple Man".

With only one ‘epic’ song in the seven-minute and change psychedelic "So Long", you get the fact that Orymus care more about focused interplay and smart construction over intricacy and technical ‘wow’ factors. Yves Linder and Beni Zahno as a guitar team know when to layer their sound and harmonize with proper space – the semi-ballad "Fountain of Youth" probably containing most of their best work on the record, while the follow up "Another Friend of Mine" floats into this acoustic alter-state.

Entertaining, engaging, alluring – Orymus gives the listener progressive hard rock in small, digestible measures.