FLUMMOX – Selcouth

FLUMMOX – Selcouth

Those not aware of the dictionary definition of flummox take note: it’s usually used in a verb context to perplex (someone) greatly, confuse, or bewilder. A perfect name for this Tennessee trio, as Flummox the band release a new album "Selcouth" that contains a wide swath of doom, sludge, and stoner groove influences. Professing a love for Sabbath, Zappa, and Eyehategod along with the classics Dio, Priest, and Deep Purple, we get 8 main songs plus two schizophrenic short numbers that would make Mr. Bungle proud ("Tongue-Saw" at 1:53 and the acoustic instrumental "Nazgul Ashes" for 1:54).

Dark mood swings in that southern sludge swath make "Depression Heap" a wonderful juxtaposition, the evil bass signaling the upswing in tempo before the caustic screams bring you back down to reality. And you have to love a sarcastic song that fluctuates between almost nursery rhyme verses and a heavier chorus for "The Ghost of Ronnie Dio" while the double bass portions ride a death knell to the bowels of purgatory.

65 minutes later, Flummox and "Selcouth" will have you thinking ‘what did I just encounter?’ Encapsulating decades of musical history, this three-piece seem set on turning frowns upside down in their own unique way. Combining more of a 50’s love piece for "Bark, Paddle & Ball" into an eight minute plus rant full of screaming and sound effect supplements to close things should leave listeners puzzled, perplexed, and delighted. Mind warp complete.