Horrendous (US) took the metal world with storm with their debut "The Chills" back in 2012. Their formidable follow-up two years later, "Ecdysis" continued in the same good manner and now the world must prepare it self for their third opus, "Anerata".

Just to get it out of the way, "Anerata" is good, very good death metal performed by a band that know how to create exciting and anti-monotone extreme metal.

The trio manages to keep both the old-school sounding elements and vibe and combine them with new thinking arrangements that just makes Horrendous a contendor for album of the year with "Anerata".

The vocals are deep and dirty but comprehensible and it flows great on the some of the odd arrangements and melody lines below.

Death metal need bands like Horrendous to keep itself fresh.

Go check this out now!