Every Time i Die til Pokalen tirsdag 30. juni

Every Time i Die til Pokalen tirsdag 30. juni

Fra Buffalo, New York kommer crossover bandet mellom hardcore, metal og sørstatsrock Every Time I Die. I 2014 kom bandet ut med skiva From Parts Unknown med enormt bra tilbakemelding. Vi gleder oss til å se dem på Pokalen 30. juni!

“From Parts Unknown is Every Time I Die’s seventh full-length, yet it comes out of nowhere like a debut – feeling desperate, ferocious, and raw. You can attribute that feeling to producer (and Converge guitarist) Kurt Ballou, whom undoubtedly challenged and pushed the veteran band to the limit at Godcity Studios. Enlisting a producer of Ballou’s stature could only mean one thing regarding LP7 – a complete deconstruction of metalcore’s status quo. From Parts Unknown is stuffed with various twists and turns and sudden stylistic changes – tastefully mixed in with absolutely brutal compositions and utterly bleak lyricism.” 9.8/10, Absolute Punk

Every Time I Die have never been an easy act to categorize and that’s one of the key reasons why the band’s fans have never turned their back on this innovative act’s unique brand of music. While the band started out in the late ’90s hardcore scene, over the past decade they’ve continued to evolve and push the boundaries of heavy music, a process that’s culminating with their sixth full-length Ex Lives. Recorded by Joe Barresi (Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age) Ex Lives sees the band—vocalist Keith Buckley, guitarists Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams, drummer Ryan Leger—coming together to create the most forward-thinking album of their career.

Shot At Dawn har tidligere spilt med internasjonale storheter som Suicidal Tendencies, Sepultura, Black Dahlia Murder, Atreyu, Heaven Shall Burn mm, og har gjestet Hove og by:Larm. Av norske band har de spilt med Purified In Blood, Kvelertak, Dunderbeist, 1349, Cumshots mm.

I sommer spiller Shot At Dawn på Fjellparkfestivalen, de varmer opp for Sick Of It All på Blå i august, og flere gigs kunngjøres snart.

Bandet slipper EPen Legendary 5. juni på Negative Vibe Records/Diger Distro. EPen inneholder også bandets godt mottatte cover av Marit Larsens Under The Surface.

Billett kr.  250 + bill.avg. 18 år leg.
Dørene åpner 20:00

Av Jon Petter Kaalaa