TEMPLE BALLS – Six ways…

TEMPLE BALLS – Six ways…

Temple Balls is a relative new band rising from the land of awesome music, Finland. They recently gave out a new music video for their song "Six Ways to Sunday" and I had the opportunity to ask vocalist Arde Teronen about Temple Balls and what’s cooking in their lair nowadays.

Hello Arde, can you tell us who you are?

Hello! We are Temple Balls from Oulu, Finland. We’re doing hard rock/heavy/pop -music. Or I guess the main guideline is the hard rock but we add a bit spices from other genres.

You live in Helsinki, while the rest of the band lives in Oulu, am I right? How do you guys jam and record together?

That’s a popular question to me! I’m actually going there two to three times a month ( I spend like 3-5 days there each time) and mostly by plane… whatever doesn’t cost too much and Isn’t too rough to travel with!

What is the story behind Temple Balls?

The band was formed in 2009 (that was before I was in the frames), but It had to change the line up a few times before I joined It in 2014. In 2013 we got lucky with Elmo Harju (ex Zero Nine bassist) who stepped into the boots of our management.

A few weeks ago Temple Balls released the new song "Six Ways to Sunday" along with a brand new music video. It has been watched over 3500 times on YouTube already, how does that feel?

It makes me feel good to know there’s still so many people who love to be free and listen to rock n roll, listen to our rock n roll and listen to so much other good stuff! Six ways to Sunday will only be a good start, fresh wind on the sails I’d say! Actually the song is about staying positive, so stay positive and live free, haha!

What is next for the band?

Right now we’re working on new material and doin’ big shows this summer. We’re gonna’ play at some of the biggest festivals in Finland like Provinssi, Ilosaarirock and Qstock. All of those are good opportunities to get some new fans along with new gigs and stuff!

When can we expect an album or an EP?

Nothing really planned about that yet, but we’re still doing new songs all the time so I guess we would have tracks for an album. But like I said, not that much planned yet, just trying to do good songs and do as much gigs as possible!


Temple Balls is Arde on vocals, Jiri and Santeri on guitar, Jimi slappin’ tha bass and Andy on the drums.

Be sure to check out these guys as they bring the real rock n’ roll back to the world.