New song: CRUSHER – No Progress without Regression (2015 version)

New song: CRUSHER – No Progress without Regression (2015 version)


Proudly presents the premiere of



"No Progress without Regression"
(2015 version)


From the upcoming split with MERCYLESS

"Blast from the Past"


Release date: June, 2015

Deadlight Entertainment


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2015 version of "No Progress without Regression" song of CRUSHER to be featured on "Blast from the Past" split with MERCYLESS "No Progress without Regression" originally featured on "Brutale Generation" compilation issued in 1995 via Semetery Records and gathering cult bands like AGGRESSOR, EXECUTION, HOAX etc

CRUSHER/ MERCYLESS "Blast from the Past" come as a split vinyl LP in deluxe box handcrafted by Le 7eme Oeil workshop who recently worked for AMENRA, BLUT AUS NORD, ARCHGOAT and strictly limited to 300 handnumered units.

"Blast from the Past" will be released in june via french label Deadlight Entertainment (PETER DOLVING, FREYA, WITCHTHROAT SERPENT) and is available for preorder.




Side A
1. Crusher – Shitstem 02:37
2. Crusher – Overdone 03:01
3. Crusher – Undermine 03:21
4. Crusher – No Progress Without Regression 04:53

Side B
5. Mercyless – Eucharistic Adoration 03:23
6. Mercyless – Bless Me Father 04:49
7. Mercyless – Probably Impure 03:25
8. Mercyless – Substance of Purity (live) 04:30


Crass: vocals
Erik Escoffier: guitars, keyboard
Tomi Ullgren: guitars
Jasco: bass
Bibi Leibel: drums