DYSRIDER – Bury the Omen

DYSRIDER – Bury the Omen

Transitioning from their previous years as a symphonic power metal band Trophallaxy into a symphonic death metal act, Switzerland’s Dysrider aren’t your typical ‘newcomer’ quintet as a result of the style swing. "Bury the Omen" contains brilliant contrasts, keyboard runs in line with Children of Bodom while cello passages that bring about the darker, classical spirit and the guitar playing plus dual female opera melodies and male death growls keep the band see-sawing around Euro power and melodic death songwriting.

Théo throws down a bevy of power/death tricks amidst his proficient double bass skills, allowing the beauty of the keyboard and guitar heaviness to shine on the hard hitting back to back "Witness Our Fall" and "The Reckoning". Musically Dysrider have a lot in common with older Therion and possibly the versatility of Fleshgod Apocalypse – the instrumental "Bliss is Darkness" brilliant in the sweeping orchestral movements, technical drumming/ blast beats, and swirling cello throughout from Joëlle. The closing 8 minute plus "Embers Reflection" opens in restrained fashion before traversing melodic power/ death ecstasy, consistently changing things up to keep listeners’ interest and engagement.

Keyboardist Johnathan handles the extreme vocals, assuredly sending shivers down spines as he unfurls adrenaline fueled screams from the grave on "Against Your Hold" or the slightly stair step progressive "Story of Power". A lot of times you would think that musicians that shift styles this deep into their career are doing so for riding a particular musical trend – and that’s not the case based on "Bury the Omen". The sky is the limit based on the varied instrumentation and layers Dysrider can develop – so let’s see where this symphonic death metal journey takes them.