TEMPLE OF VOID – Of Terror and the Supernatural

TEMPLE OF VOID – Of Terror and the Supernatural

Death and doom metal, when combined right, is a miraculous sound that is difficult to get enough of. Enter USA’s Temple of Void. These guys came right out of nowhere to provide one of the year’s best examples of how to write an album that owns the listener and never quits.

"The Embalmer’s Art" begins the album with a slow annihilation, with riffs to drool over and an overall sound that is all-encompassing. The doom portions are effective in bringing the mood down, and the death metal emphasis completes the package. Quite the way to get one hooked! "Savage Howl" begins hard and fast, slows down for a bit, and then transitions into some of the heaviest mid-tempo crunch you’ll hear anywhere. There’s also just the right tinge of melody to diversify.

"Invocation of Demise" slows things down significantly, while also providing some of the darkest material on offer. "Rot in Solitude" maintains a mid-paced affair, with some lead guitar work that is simply infectious. The beastly "Bargain in Death" finishes the disc off with style, even divulging into some noise sections to go along with the very doom-oriented final track.

"Of Terror and the Supernatural" is beyond impressive, especially for a debut. Hell, it’s impressive for any circumstance. Temple of Void is out to prove something, and have dropped a seasoned monster of an album. Rightfully so, they’re turning a lot of heads in the process.

If you want to be run over with a tank of huge riffage and songwriting perfection, Temple of Void is the band for you. This is a varied, massive opus that is likely to be something difficult to stop playing. Quality on every level.