AMARANTHE – Amaranthe 2.0

AMARANTHE – Amaranthe 2.0

AMARANTHE‘s new album entitled "Massive Addictive" is now out on Spinefarm Records. It’s a very catchy album with melodic metal and some pop music. We got hold of one of the band founders Jake Eand asked him a little about the album and life on the road.

Can you describe your new album entitled "Massive Addictive" for our readers?

It’s a natural progression songwriting wise from what we have done on our previous albums. We have kept the core of what can be defined as Amaranthe and developed the songwriting around that, We let our selfs be a bit more playful on this album and this gave us a lot of ideas that made the whole sound to what you can hear now! It’s Amaranthe 2.0 updated and more modern.

Can you give us a short framework on how the "Making of a new song" works for Amaranthe?

Olof, me and Elize works separately on our own sending ideas back and forth and after a while when we have some ideas we meet and work on them together.

Being an extreme metal fan, this is not the usual type of metal and music that I listen to. But, I do find the music catchy and there is something that makes me feel that I have heard it before. Do you think my 90’s disco and bar visits could be the reason I find your music recognizable?

We find inspiration in all sorts of music and as you can hear Soilwork in some songs you can be sure to find E-type in some others 🙂
So I guess that if you only heard E-type in the bar then you’re right 🙂



Do you think a lot about what you eat and drink when on the road or do you just enjoy what’s offered? What’s your favorite food while on tour?

We are actually very aware of what we eat. We try to make sure we have proper cooked food every day. Some times Mc Donalds is the only thing that’s offered on an off-day but That’s ok as long as it’s not every day!

If you had the opportunity to put together a dinner gathering of companions, who would you like to have there? What would the meal and conversation consist of?

Albert Einstein, Hitler, Darwin, Lucy (the oldest human that’s ever discovered intact), my grandma and every one that participated on putting the bible together.

It would be a very interesting dinner! I would have let my Grandma do the cooking! She was amazing!



What are your favorite genre(s) as far as reading books, movies, and video games?

I don’t read many book nowadays but I like antony beevor, Jan Guillou, and Ken Follet. I am a sucker for movies (as you can see in our own music videos) I like all sorts of movies as long as it has a good screenplay and a good manuscript and actors. On tour I try to watch all documentaries that I can get my hands on! I have all forms of Netflix and similar streaming platforms that you can have!

When it comes to video-gaming I like first person shooters as well as games like fallout and civilization.

Could you name a particular favorite from each that helps you get by on the road?

On the road Skype is my way of cooping with touring! I am a family man and try to be in contact with my family as much as possible!


What social media platform do you like to use for communication, and what one do you think needs to be eliminated?

I’d say that Facebook is the only way nowadays but I learned while touring in the US that over there Twitter is the shit and I realized that it differs where you are to answer that question. I think that Myspace’s days are counted and that it is of no importance at all anymore!



Do you prefer to answer interviews while on the road or do you wait till the tour is done?

We are out to promote a product and then you just have to face reality. But in a perfect world it would be nice to be able to focusing on just the shows but that will never happen.

What do you prefer to use when answering interviews on the road; e-mail, chat, phone, skype or face to face?

Phone!!!! Ten times out of Ten! Written interviews takes to much time!


Do you ever get the chance to do some sightseeing and checking out the places you visit while on the road?

Not really. I take care of so much then just singing and the days when I have the time, I am usually to tired and use that free time to sleep instead!

What about working out and keeping in shape? Is this something you use a lot of time to do?

On tour NO . Morten and Johan is trying their best but I never have time for that. I play hockey when I am home and when I am not touring I have my daughter on my shoulders and that’s a work out deluxe!




Can you tell us about your weirdest fan encounter?

Don’t know. I love our fans and so far all of them have been fantastic to us!

Do you often get the chance to chat with your fans while on tour?

We always try to as much as possible. In some territories like Japan it’s getting really heard now as the band has grown to a point where we need security as there are so many fans greeting us. Even if I would love to stay and chat with everyone it’s impossible.

I guess you bring your own merch when you are on the road. Do you sell the stuff yourself and do you often have to sign stuff for the fans?

Yes of course. But we have designated personnel for that but we try to go out after the shows when it’s possible to take pictures and sign stuff


Do you find inspiration and time to write new music and lyrics when you are on the road?

Parts of the MASSIVE album was written on the last EU tour but I usually write the lyrics in the studio when all the music is ready.

Do you listen to music when you are on the road? If so, what is your favorite band or album to listen to?

I don’t really listen much to music but I LOVE the new album from Ed Sheeran! it’s just AMAZING!!!!