STRYPER – Live at the Whisky

STRYPER – Live at the Whisky

Religious glam rockers Stryper have had an long and (for some) interesseting musikal journey. They started out back in the early 80´s and debuted with in 84 with "The Yellow and the Black Attack" (these colours became their trademark in the dress-up).
Their music have never really interessted me but from a historical perspective they should get their praise for keeping up regardless of all the harassement they have gotten over the years (for among other giving out Bible´s during their live shows).

Their music was and still is easy listening glam metal with some hooks here and there but nothing memorable like other major glam acts from the day and place (that being the Sunset Strip in LA) like early Motley Crue, Ratt, Faster Pussycat and so on..

Stryper main man Michael Sweet still have an quite good voice on this live recording from september 2014. He handles all the high parts very well and the production really makes his voice stand out in the mix.
All the material on "Live at the Whisky" (witch was/is a famous club where all the glam bands started out some 30 years ago) is well played by seasoned musicians and you can hear they have handled the live setting before.

It´s just too bad that Strypers music after about 15 minutes starts to get boring.
I remember back in the 80´s when I gave Stryper a listen among the other glam acts of the day and it got boring then and it gets boring now.
There are of course some nice riffs here and there and some minor memorable hooks that make some songs stand out but all in all this is not my cup of tea.

"Live at the Whisky" is a nice piece of musical document that fits the history books well but for me this does nothing to trigger my interest in Strypers music.