BLASTFEST 2015 med 6 nye band

BLASTFEST 2015 med 6 nye band


Another 6 Bands Confirmed For Blastfest!


It was already a lineup bursting at the seams with cream of the crop metal and one with the diversity to leave just about every extreme metal fan salivating at the prospect that such a bill could actually be pulled together. But, with still some stage time available Norway’s Blastfest have just gone and upped the ante once again with the announcement of 6 new bands!

Melodeath heroes Dark Tranquility have joined the ranks alongside Gothenburg brothers At The Gates. Another band to be announced, whose frontman Nick Holmes has been making the headlines recently with the announcement of him joining Bloodbath. It can only be Paradise Lost… need we say any more? Fellow English brethren and NWOBHM upstartsSatan have been announced as have Dead To This World, The Sickening andByfrost.

The Bergen festival is only in its second year and is creating waves world-wide for offering one of the finest extreme metal line-ups of 2015. Acts already announced include Decapitated, Primordial, Rotting Christ, Destruction and Asphyxamongst others and with more yet to be announced.

Dark Tranquility
Blastfest lay those wonders right at your feet. Yupp, a ticket to this year’s festival may very well be the Freecard you needed to get Therein. Ok. Since you’ve already seen the logo above here, we might as well just stop it with the ridiculous wordplays: Blastfest are proud to welcome Dark Tranquillity to their ever-expanding 2015 lineup. Along with At The Gates this constitutes a Gothenburg alibi, and that is one hell of a good alibi too!

Paradise Lost
"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven", John Milton wrote. You might know him as the author of the infamous work called Paradise Lost, from which this quote is taken. Well, whether there will be anyone serving or reigning remains to be seen, we are talking egalitarian Blastfest and Norway here. What seems to be certain though, is that the contemporary British ensemble Paradise Lost will grace Blastfest with their on-stage presence for the festival in 2015. This band is truly one of the pioneers in the doom metal genre, partaking in establishing the subgenre of ‘death-doom’. Forever Failure would be to miss this band playing Bergen for the very first time!

What would a proper metal festival be without the inclusion of some good old New Wave Of British Heavy Metal? Well, Blastfest won’t even dignify that with an answer, they simply open the gates yet again, and now unleash Newcastle quintet Satan upon you.

Dead To This World
To free Dead To This World upon them… Iscariah, of Immortal fame, will bring his hellish minions to spew forth some of the most wicked black thrash Norway has to offer these days, if not ever. What!? You haven’t checked them out yet? Then you better get your ass in gear, because they were not joking around when they named their debut album "First Strike For Spiritual Renewance". This is truly a band that will eventually rise to a height of fame that matches their musical output. As we eagerly await their sophomore album, Blastfest 2015 will be there, as facilitators… It’s the fucking goatpower! Goatpower now!

The Sickening

Oh, so you thought Norway couldn’t offer some of the more twisted brutal death metal out there? Well, here is the falsification of said assumption. The Sickening is one hell of a brutal band. One might not think that this kind of derangement could be fostered in the very belt-buckle of the Norwegian bible belt, but it sure was. Drag your collection of dead girls along, this is going to be a show for the entire grisly collection of people under your stairs.

Playing a special show at Blastfest with their complete original lineup; introducing Bergen thrashers Byfrost. This concert will be their first since 2011, and boy are we looking forward to once again raise those horns to sky!

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Blastfest will be held 19-21st February 2015 in Bergen, Norway.