The third album from Swedish melodic hard rock/ AOR oriented act Miss Behaviour, "Double Agent" is the follow up to 2011’s "Last Woman Standing". The quintet deliver 12 more rockers and ballads that are in line with arena rock period Journey, Bad English, and possibly the neo-classical guitar flair of Steve Lukather and Yngwie Malmsteen during the lead breaks. Vocalist Sebastian Roos has a semi-accented grit to his natural bluesy range, serene during the softer verses of the title cut and belting out fierce emotions during the heavier "Edge of the World".

Guitarist Erik Heikne and keyboardist Henrik Sproge work in unison to fill all the sonic gaps between rhythms and instrumental breaks, accenting certain songs from a melodic perspective while also showing a couple of virtuoso tricks when called for. They know during a quieter, more commercial oriented power ballad like "Cold Response" to be subtle and accent the key hook moments, while the 8 minute "The Cause of Liberty" allows by its naturally longer arrangement the opportunity to be a little bit more intricate and evolving in the musicianship.

There’s just something right about Scandinavian musicians knowing how to create the right hook sequences, pull them together into individual songs, and put things over the top in terms of a singer/ melody combination that is the right essence of album oriented rock/ melodic hard rock. The more I take this album in, the more I’m singing the choruses and tapping my feet to the solid tempos. "Double Agent" proves Miss Behaviour is at the top of their game once again.