OSLO PSYCH FEST 2014 starter i morgen (4/9)

OSLO PSYCH FEST 2014 starter i morgen (4/9)





MARIBEL (N) vorspiel at Revolver Oslo Aug 30th!!

THE LOW FREQUENCY IN STEREO (N) nachspiel at Revolver Oslo Sep 7th!!


Last year, three people with a desire to make something happen in the music scene in Oslo threw together the first edition of OSLO PSYCH FEST. The shows were amazing and the feedback was humbling. It’s time for another round.We also had regular “Psych Nights” during the year to see whether or not there was a market/appetite for this kind of scene in Oslo. There was. The shows were amazing and the feedback has been phenomenal. It’s time for another round.

Now, almost a year after the first one, the second edition will take place at Vulkan Arena and Pokalen Stage. We are thrilled to have the bigger capacity to work with this year and intend to fill the house every night from Sep 4-6th. In good Oslo style we will be having a vorspiel at Revolver the weekend before with local favourites Maribel packing the basement, and a nachspiel at Revolver the Sunday after the festival (Announcing very soon).

Below are the bands already confirmed to play OPF.

Mark your calendars!


Hawkwind are an English rock band, one of the earliest space rock groups. Their lyrics favour urban and science fiction themes. They are considered a key link between the hippie and punk cultures. Hawkwind are primarily known for playing “space rock”, a hybrid of hard rock and acid rock that united the sonic power of the former and the free improvisation of the latter. Formed in November 1969, Hawkwind have gone through many incarnations and styles of music. Dozens of musicians, dancers and writers have worked with the group since their inception.

No introduction is needed! We are honoured to have these living legends of the Norwegian underground scene play at our festival this September!

ULVER (performing Childhoods End – Age of Aquarius)

Ulver (Norwegian for “wolves”) are a Norwegian experimental musical collective founded in 1993, by vocalist Kristoffer Rygg. Their early works, such as Bergtatt, were categorised as folklore-influenced black metal but have since evolved a fluid and increasingly eclectic musical style, blending genres such as rock, electronica, symphonic and chamber traditions, noise and experimental music into their oeuvre.


“What stands out about Holy Wave is the sonic textures they apply to make their sound pierce through the smoke-filled haze that engulfs most psych bands” -Covert Curiosity

We are all very excited to have Holy Wave play their first show ever in Oslo!


White Hills’ core members are guitarist Dave W. and bassist Ego Sensation. Dave W. is the primary singer, but Ego Sensation also contributes vocals, and sings lead on some songs.
White Hills play themselves in the upcoming Jim Jarmusch film Only Lovers Left Alive, performing their 2007 song “Under Skin Or By Name” at a Detroit music club.


The Apricot is an Oslo based Psychedelic rock group who has been playing together for several years. The members all have background from different groups, and The Apricot has been their musical playground alongside their other individual band projects.

The Apricot released the album “A Forestful of Threes” in 2011, which became “New Album of the Year” in Shindig magazine, and was nominated to “Album of the Year” in Natt&Dag.

The Apricot consists of Anders Tjore, Christian Engfelt, Peder Bernhardt and Børge Henriksen.


Spindrift is an American psychedelic rock band, created by singer-songwriter-composer-producer-actor Kirpatrick Thomas. Heavily influenced by The Doors, My Bloody Valentine, Hawkwind, Bruce Haack, and Chrome,

They played a sweltering show at Revolver last year, but this time will be back with a full line-up !!


Formed in Brooklyn, NY by John Bundy, Ryan Lugar, and Eli Pizzuto, Naam released their first self-released EP Kingdom in early 2009. Many people took notice andNAAM was quickly signed to the renowned Tee Pee Records. The bands second album “Vow” was released on June 4th of 2013 on Tee Pee Records.

Naam are currently writing for their third album.


Electric Eye play droned out psych-rock inspired by the blues, India and the ever more expanding universe. On the bands inspirational mix tape, you will probably find songs from the The Black Angels, Wooden Shjips and Pink Floyd in Pompeii. With members from some of Bergen’s foremost underground bands, a couple of spectacular songs and live shows, the buzz about Electric Eye swiftly spread from Norway to music fans world wide.

The EP: “Les Big Byrd” was released on the 25th April. The first single is “Zig Smile”.
A two sided vinyl single was released on Record Day, the 16th april.
Carlis remix of “Zig-Smile” is out on the 20th June.


Quilt are a three-piece psychedelic indie-rock band from Boston consisting of Anna Fox Rochinski (vocals/guitars), Shane Butler (vocals/guitars) and John Andrews (vocals/drums). They have released two albums through Mexican Summer, and EP and a handful of singles. The band have toured internationally. The band write collaboratively and share vocal duties. They were borne out a local improv scene and combine elements of folk-rock, psychedelica and dream pop


Shaman shakes


Daniel O’Sullivan and Alexander Tucker are long time friends and collaborators. Both artists are veterans of the UK experimental underground: O’Sullivan as a member of Guapo, Ulver, and Aethenor (with Stephen O’Malley), and Tucker with imbogodom and as an eclectic (read: Yeti) solo artist. On their newest album as Grumbling Fur, Glynnaestra, they have crafted an avant-pop album assembled as one would a collage. This structural foundation is built up via an eclectic array of instruments, both acoustic and modified, to pulsating electronic sounds. Add to this mix the pair’s entirely modern shamanistic meta-narratives, and the result is a contemporary psychedelic pop delight. Grumbling Fur’s world is an innovative one, where every sound contains its own unique story, and is driven by the overarching melody and harmony. O’Sullivan and Tucker write pop songs for the sophisticated palate.


Norwegian legends return for some madness.


Norwegian outfit Maribel could soundtrack the most hallucinogenic dream or hellish nightmare at the flick of a switch.
-Drowned In Sound

All the main festival shows will take place at Vulkan Arena and Pokalen. Tickets will be available very soon.

For our international guests we have a deal with Comfort Express Hotels which is a 10 minute walk from the festival next door to Revolver Bar. If you write them and tell them you are going to Oslo Psych Fest you will get a good discount. This is the email address to use:


The Vorspiel and Nachspiel will both take place at Revolver. On the 30th August the awesome Oslo band MARIBEL will warm up for a week of madness at Vulkan + Pokalen, and when you just think the dust has settled, on Sunday the 7th The Low Frequency in Stereo will set fire to the Revolver basement.

Spread the word, mark the dates in your calendar and look forward to a varied and amazing few days in the heart of Oslo.

Stage times to be announced soon!