New song: THE HATE COLONY – The Letter

New song: THE HATE COLONY – The Letter


Proudly presents the premiere of



"The Letter"


From their brand new upcoming full-length "Navigate"


Digital release early August 

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This five-headed metal monster from Trondheim, Norway, is a living proof that Norwegian heavy music isn´t all about black metal. The Norwegian aggression, the Swede-inspired melodies, and the American ground-and-pound riffs, it all comes together in this brutal mix of genuine musicianship.

Miguel Sanchez/Vendetta Metal Magazine: "I would say ‘Navigate’ is very mainstream. It has many elements that are sure to have a big audience: Growling vocals, nice guitars, aggressive attitude and so on. The Hate Colony uses also post production gimmicks, for example voice distortion in some places. It’s ticking the right boxes in many cases. Everything is done very professionallyand the production is quite good. It’s safe to say The Hate Colony has survived what is often the difficulty of a second album. Especially once the first got so good reviews."


01 Recheck
02 Trigger
03 The letter
04 Blood runs black
05 Solitude
06 Domain
07 When worlds collide
08 Nothing less
09 Interlude
10 Dialogue
11 Pandemonium
12 Path of resistance
13 Welcome to The Hate Colony

Line up:
Lord Mordor – vocals
T-Bag Joe – guitars
Big Truck – guitars
Sars The Virus – bass
El Nigardo – drums