MIASMIC THEORY – Miasmic Theory

MIASMIC THEORY – Miasmic Theory

The follow up release to last year’s "Sound of Desperation" debut album, 2014’s self-titled record is another continuation of their rough and tumble death/thrash meets rock ‘n’ roll style. The band has two vocalists (male and female) who are both ripping screamers and growlers – showcasing larynx versatility and aggression on "Watch Your Step" and the blasting "Time Well Spent".

The band still have a thick guitar chug and a boatload of attitude in their tempo choices – slowly working their way into establishing their own songwriting craft. Sometimes being slightly Slayer influenced on "Alone", other times punk-like and unrelenting for "Reality"- this is a 29 minute energy ball ready to crush the competition.

Miasmic Theory perform a style that isn’t for the meek or mild mannered – and I know plenty of consumers that will be satisfied to enjoy the ear bleeding tunes.