DARKEST ERA – Severance

DARKEST ERA – Severance

Darkest Era play an incredibly well-meshed fusion of melodic death and classic metal, all with a strong Celtic flavour. Something like Dark Tranquillity meets Primordial with a bit of Thin Lizzy thrown in for good measure. This sounds pretty bizarre until you hear ‘Severance’ and it all makes perfect sense!

As you can imagine, the songs have an epic quality, and this is taken to fantastic heights by the outstanding vocal performance and the way each of the tracks is constructed to build to a climax. But there are other forces at work here – a touch of doom, a blast of power and something that reminds the listener of the NWOBHM, all merged perfectly into a coherent whole that exceeds the sum of its parts.Ultimately though, it all comes down to the song-writing and this is where Darkest Era excels. Each song gives you the feel that you are being taken on an auditory journey, but also has direct points that grab the listener and say ‘notice me, remember me.’ And because of that, all you will want to do is listen to the end so that you can do it all again as quickly as possible.

Severance’ is my album of 2014 to date and will undoubtedly stay at the top of my list when the year-end comes. Because Darkest Era so effortlessly and faithfully integrates elements from different genres, this is an album which should appeal to all kinds of metal fans. So here’s hoping they get to hear it and here’s hoping Darkest Era make it south of the border again soon.