Premiere: INFESTUS – The Reflecting Void

Premiere: INFESTUS – The Reflecting Void




"The Reflecting Void"

Released by:
Debemur Morti Productions today (April 25th, 2014)


With this new imperial offering, INFESTUS transcends its own style at the frontiers of an emphatic and depressive Dark Metal and a refined Black Metal.

"The Reflecting Void" is a sophisticated album that will project you into another dimension, offering the listener an incredible collection of 8 engrossing and immersive compositions.
An outstanding magma of crestfallen guitars, powerful and evocative riffs mixed with bewitching and epic melodies.

The masterpiece of one of the brightest stars on the extreme metal scene, the triumphant ascension of sadness, madness … and darkness !


Listen to the album here:


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1.A Dying Dream

2.Spiegel der Seele 07:16

3.Constant Soul Corrosion

4.Cortical Spreading Darkness

5.Fractal Rise Of The Fall

6.Innere Reflexion

7.Devouring Darkness 07:42



(Photo: Liz Aw Visualization and Andras)


Vinyl edition (Gatefold 12" LP) available here :

CD edition (Digipack CD) available here :