PILGRIM – II: Void Worship

PILGRIM – II: Void Worship

Ah, the many shades of doom and stoner metal these days. The classic template laid forth by Black Sabbath has shifted, transformed, and mutated through the generations. Pilgrim is a duo who live for the new breed of doom, often funeral-esque with as much love for Sabbath as Electric Wizard, early Cathedral, and the long lost New York act Winter.

Of the 6 main tracks (as the other two are a 1:46 "Intro" and another lumbering short instrumental set up "Dwarven March"), three sprawl between the 8:51 to 10:35 mark and the other three are normal 4 minute or less arrangements. For guitarist/ vocalist The Wizard and drummer Krolg Splinterfist, their sound and style hones in on brooding chord choices and occasional up lifting momentum, as the melodies are epic in a Solitude Aeturnus meets Manilla Road fashion. Favorites include "Masters Chamber", where around the 6 minute mark The Wizard commands through this hypnotic low riff dirge- often unaccompanied, and just pure doom ecstasy- as well as the sinister instrumental "In the Presence of Evil" that just features everything from a dark opening into a slightly uplifting ending through the shifting drum choices.

Gaining the privilege of witnessing Pilgrim live at one of their first out of state shows prior to gaining their record deal through Metal Blade, I did notice their great fusion of doom old and new meet with approval from those long timers to this genre. "II: Void Worship" is another decent slab of gloom, and I expect Pilgrim to continue to grab followers slowly and steady based on their street level ethics and potent sound.