A Saturday evening in Oslo is always a good occasion to attend a good concert, especially if it’s an album release one and your participation would be a small support to the extreme metal scene of this area. The concert held at the Idea of March was the Releasefest for ‘DEUX’ by Forcefed Horsehead (I dare you say the name fast). It took place at Revolver, a place that offers really cozy and intimate concerts due its size, but makes it almost impossible to photograph the bands, hence I didn’t even bother to bring the camera this time.

Little after the doors open, the first support band, Timeworm, brings their instruments and glasses on stage and kicks the night off with pretty intense heavy hardcore tunes that seem to have anger as their main ingredient, with some long guitars solos as main spice. The vocalist is addicted to moving around in order to express that anger, so he decides to leave the stage and occupy the empty space in front of it, offering the crowd a lot of intimacy. It worked rather nice.

A speedy change over and the second support act raises the tempo of the evening by an insane amount of bpm. Oslo thrashers Imbalance probably make you fully forget that slow stuff happens on this planet and get the crowd requesting them to play faster. The insane rhythm takes its small tribute though, but when the band informs you that they will actually play songs they do know, you can only apreciate the honesty. They did pull off a famous Uncle Phil’s composition, ‘F*kin Hostile’ and even treated us with a freshly baked song. Now they got me very curious for their next release.

The 5 members of FF HH seem to hardly fit on the stage, especially when their decently sized singer starts his Corpsegrinder style headbanging. They seem to take over where Imbalance stopped in a way. They are not shy either with the speed and intensity of their songs, but there’s a lot of Death metal touch to their songs. And the songs, besides having some very raw sound to them, tend to end so abruptly that you have to drink your beer way to fast in order to give them some well deserver applauses.



‘DEUX’ release was available for purchase…on cassette. Since I haven’t bought one in maybe 15 years or more, I thought it’s rather cool to do so. You also get a code and a webpage where you can go and download the tunes, in case you’re too lazy to dig out your old stereo player. Until you get the album yourself, here’s a photo of the two cassettes released so far by FF HH.